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The Wroclaw Security Summit will bring scholars from Central Europe as well as the United States, Canada, Greece, Turkey and Portugal. They will talk about the challenges of NATO and the EU in maintaining security.

Program of the Wroclaw Security Summit

The program will include panel discussions that will address security issues, including:

  • NATO enlargement as the key to Euro-Atlantic security,
  • NATO-EU partnership as a guarantee of security
  • China and its global activities as a challenge to the liberal order
  • the fight against new types of threats: disinformation, new forms of terrorism, hybrid blackmail
  • human rights, liberal and democratic values, i.e. how to engage the countries of the global South in building a stable neighborhood for NATO and the EU
  • strategy towards Russia
  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the need to redefine the global policy of NATO and the EU

One panel will focus on climate catastrophe and energy security in the context of NATO and EU cooperation.

The panels will mostly be hybrid and in English.

You can find the program HERE.

Wroclaw Security Summit 2023. 3rd International Scientific Conference: December 5 and 6 University of Wroclaw Campus at 3 Koszarowa Street (building 2/3).