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BioCam is a startup from Wrocław that is the first in Europe to create an endoscopic capsule with an intelligent image analysis system.

The company's representatives add that, after preliminary tests, it is known that the capsule images the digestive system as well as traditional endoscopy. The first patients will test the capsule in the coming weeks. The research will be supervised by specialists from the University Hospital in Wroclaw.

In the study, we want to prove the operation of our hardware and software, and above all our AI platform, which selects photos taken inside the patient's digestive system. -Olga Wdowiczak, BioCam

Does the BioCam capsule replace the endoscope?

Currently, endoscopic examination involves inserting a special probe with a camera into the gastrointestinal tract, thanks to which the doctor can observe and accurately assess the examined organs.

The BioCam capsule is intended to assist in digestive system research by replacing the endoscope. The BioCam capsule resembles a vitamin pill. It weighs 4 grams, is 23 millimeters long and 11 mm in diameter. All its secrets are inside, where the sensors, battery, radio and camera are placed. The capsule swallowed by the patient passes through the digestive system, performing endoscopic examination, and the photos taken via Bluetooth are sent to an external system for analysis.

Biocam: home endoscopy

BioCam was founded in 2019 by Maciej Wysocki, Robert Stachurski, Jakub Niemczuk and prof. Marek Langner. The company's founders emphasize that the idea to create an intelligent endoscopic capsule came from the observed need for such a solution - in the modern world, gastroenterological problems concern more and more of us. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy examinations are time consuming and, as the pandemic period has shown, not always available.

- We prepare our technology for remote research. We want patients to be able to perform such tests at home - says Wiktoria Budziar, BioCam.

BioCam endoscopic capsule examination

Currently, the examination with an endoscopic capsule is expensive, as it amounts to 5-7 thousand PLN (the cost of the capsule itself is 2,500PLN), depending on the location of the examination. It is much more than traditional endoscopy or colonoscopy.

If our capsule is registered as a medical device, and the cost of testing with it is similar to gastroscopy and colonoscopy, it will be possible to refund our solution. -Olga Wdowiczak, BioCam 

BioCam representatives emphasize that according to forecasts, the market of endoscopic devices is to grow annually by an average of 5.8%, and one of the main branches of growth is endoscopy in gastroenterology.

According to the Wrocław-based company, the pandemic has shown that innovative solutions are needed that will allow for diagnostics in all conditions. The use of artificial intelligence to analyze endoscopic images will shorten the examination time and the time of interpretation of the results by the doctor. The small size of the capsule is to facilitate examination outside the doctor's office. Perhaps in a few years the intelligent endoscopic capsule will be the gold standard for gastrointestinal examinations.