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September 6, 2022 marks the start of the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz

The Karpacz Economic Forum is the largest political and economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a platform for the exchange of views and one of the most important meeting places for political and business elites in Europe. Every year important declarations on economic policy are made here, and participants' opinions are discussed by expert circles. This year, as last year, the partner of the event is the City of Wroclaw.

Dynamic geopolitical events and global transformations pose new challenges for representatives of cities and regions. Thanks to our presence at the Forum, we have the opportunity to present the city and initiate discussions on current challenges, such as city cooperation in the face of the war in Ukraine, changing city strategies or innovative solutions in local governments to make life easier for residents.

Jacek Sutryk, mayor of Wroclaw

Mayor of Wroclaw will award socially responsible companies

More than 300 events await participants at this year's Economic Forum. The program includes the Health Care Forum, the Forum of Regions, the Carpathian Europe, the Polish Economic Forum and the Tourism Industry Salon. The debates will be covered by journalists from all over Europe.

Already today, on the first day of the Forum, at an evening gala, the Award of the Mayor of Wroclaw - Socially Responsible Business will be given for the second time. This is a distinction for companies that act in a special way for the benefit of the local community.

Unbroken project at the Wroclaw stand

As the capital of Lower Silesia has been cooperating with Lviv for more than 20 years, Wroclaw supports the establishment of the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center there. It will also encourage participants of the Economic Forum in Karpacz to do the same.

Lviv is a city that has been receiving victims of warfare since the beginning of Russia's aggression against Ukraine. They are mainly civilians: elderly people, women and children from cities, towns and villages attacked by the Russian military. It is estimated that currently about 100,000 Ukrainians are now in need of prosthetic supplies and another million in need of rehabilitation. Hence the initiative to build a National Rehabilitation Center.

Unfortunately, today we are often forced to ask international clinics for help. Our goal is to provide Ukrainians with all the necessary assistance in their own country, close to their families.

Andriy Sadovy, mayor of Lviv 

In order to improve the collection of the necessary funds, the Lviv authorities decided to establish an international foundation. Its branches operating in individual countries could deal with raising funds necessary for the UNBROKEN project.

City of Wroclaw organizer of discussion panels

At the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz, Wroclaw is also the organizer of four panel discussions: "The academic brand - a challenge: local and global competitiveness", "Is the Smart city the city of the future?", "Investment potential of cities and regions in the era of economic and political changes" and "Foreign cooperation of cities in the current crisis".

The Economic Forum in Karpacz will conclude on September 8, 2022.