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  •       Concordia Design Accelerator attracts foreign innovators to Wroclaw.
  •       Allows them to start a business, then connect with VC funders or companies.
  •       All this to test the solution developed by the startup and help the young company achieve business success.

Until December 6 this year, recruitment is underway for the second round of Concordia Design Accelerator - an acceleration program for foreign startups, supported by the municipality of Wroclaw. Concordia Design Accelerator is part of the Poland Prize project organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, on the other hand, is an international partner of the program, which means that it especially helps in its promotion and reaching startups.

As part of the program, startups can receive substantive support, new contacts, as well as a non-returnable grant of up to 300,000.00 PLN. This is a really attractive offer, especially for those young technology companies that want to scale internationally. For them, Wrocław may be a starting point for expansion into the entire Central and Eastern European market. - Ewa Kaucz, head of Concordia Design Accelerator and managing director of Concordia Design Wrocław, the center of creativity and business on Wyspa Słodowa.

Wroclaw focuses on innovation

Concordia is the program operator: it obtained financing from PARP, promotes the idea, works with startups and connects them with business partners . - We encourage all Wroclaw entrepreneurs to share information about the accelerator with their foreign friends, partners or clients. Thanks to this, you can attract really great ideas to Wroclaw and expand the scope of know-how available on our market - emphasizes Ewa Kaucz.

The call for projects for the second round will last until 6 December. You can apply through the program's website. The list of accepted startups will be announced on January 10.

Startup Wroclaw: financing, offices, coworking, incubators

Originators from all over the world can apply for the program. Ideally, young companies should develop solutions in the field of industry paths, i.e. artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or smart city. However, this is not a necessary condition. Read also: Startup Wrocław - financing, offices, coworking, incubators.

Concordia Design Accelerator was promoted during international events such as Wolves Summit or by attending the economic mission to the Web Summit in Lisbon, organized and routed by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency. Accelerator representatives also participated in Made in Wroclaw 2021 - a conference organized for 5 years by the ARAW team.

Concordia Design Accelerator

The startups invited to the first test round of Concordia Design Accelerator are already operating under the acceleration program. There are several projects, but they are very interesting. They deal with, among others, creating a bot for employee coaching, developing a platform to protect intellectual property or a solution for monitoring players' games during matches.

 - The founders of young companies with whom we work have already held several meetings with specialists in the field of law and accounting. The individual mentoring was attended by representatives of Santander Consumer Bank and MPWiK. One of our participants was also awarded during an international competition as part of a great technology conference - Wolves Summit - lists Ewa Kaucz.

Concordia Design Accelerator will run until October 2023. In total, there are five startup recruitment rounds.

Wroclaw supports startups

Among the numerous business partners of the accelerator there are, Wrocław commune declared the possibility of testing startup solutions. The international partner that helps to popularize the project among innovators from other countries is the Agency for the Development of the Wrocław Agglomeration.

If there is a Polish equivalent of Silicon Valley, it is located in Lower Silesia. This thesis is confirmed by the latest report "AI Sector in the Wrocław agglomeration 2021" prepared by the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency.

Other business partners of Concordia Design Accelerator are: Divante, Fibaro, Infor, Wrocław Air Freight Station, Wrocław Airport, Luxon LED, MPWiK Wrocław, Neurosoft, Neurosys, Quantup, RST Software Masters, Santander Consumer Bank, Whirlpool, TestArmy Group, Trudo, SunRoof, Śląsk Wrocław, CSHARK, GEFCO and FundingBox Deep Tech Fund, Venture INC, Satus Starter, RST Venture for Earth, Movens Capital, Shape VC, Cofounder Zone.