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The VI Congress of Family Businesses is organized under the slogan "Finding Energy". This year's meeting will be at the Wroclaw Congress Center in the Centennial Hall complex.

What is the Congress of Family Businesses?

The Congress of Family Businesses is organized by the academic and business community with the support of local government institutions. Its purpose is to provide people running their own companies with knowledge and present opportunities that will help in running a business. It is also an opportunity to integrate entrepreneurs, exchange experiences and share best practices.

Congress of Family Businesses - topic and date of the meeting in Wroclaw in 2023?

According to various estimates, there are between 800 thousand and 1.5 million family businesses in Poland. They are present in all industries, manufacturing and production, providing services. In this group are both large and small companies, with international, national and exclusively regional reach. The names and products of many of them are very popular, others operate in a narrow sector or small market. What do they have in common? They have all been hit by an extremely unfortunate confluence of domestic and international events.

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation are a confluence of conditions that provide entrepreneurs with constant and demanding challenges. To ensure that such efforts are not debilitating in the long run, one must have the energy to act. This will be helped by the Wroclaw Congress of Family Businesses on June 6, this year's edition of which will be held under the motto "Finding Energy"

Dr. Krzysztof Safin, Professor UWSB Merito, Director of the Family Business Center at WSB Merito University in Wroclaw, creator of the Congress of Family Businesses.

What is the program of the 2023 Family Business Congress?

Energy, which is encouraged by the Congress organizers, is understood as motivation to act and seek opportunities in the face of change, but also as the need to look for new solutions. This issue will be addressed at a panel discussion titled "Energy of the Future," where representatives of companies, energy suppliers and financing institutions will speak.

Another topic is the transfer of the management of a family business from the generation of parents or grandparents into the hands of successors. The panel discussion "Succession from the perspective of generations" will discuss stories of clashing expectations with the realities of carrying out succession, the floor will be given to participants in these processes, and in the discussion guests will face the answer to questions - what is a successful succession, how much room for tradition and how much room for innovation?

- As history shows, family businesses can operate for up to hundreds of years, as long as nothing interrupts their continuity. Family business is inherently resistant to disruptions and barriers to growth. Entrepreneurs who tie their lives and the fate of their family to their business are extremely determined in the face of crises and threats. Providing them with optimal conditions for their business is an investment in the region, the country, the economy and society, a challenge for all," says Dr. Krzysztof Safin.

The event program is available on the Congress website at www.kfr.com.pl. Participation in the Congress of Family Businesses is free of charge, but the number of places is limited, to sign up you need to fill out a registration form through the website.

The organizer of the Family Business Congress "Finding Energy" is WSB Merito University in Wroclaw (formerly Wroclaw School of Banking) and the Family Business Center operating at the university.