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The cooperation agreement between Wroclaw and InPost was signed in November 2021. Since then, the Capital of Lower Silesia has been cooperating with the company on many levels. Thanks to this, for two years it has been possible to implement many joint projects, and the standards developed now serve as a model for joint activities with other local governments in the country.

So that there is a good climate in Wroclaw

Since the conclusion of the agreement, InPost has implemented in Wroclaw, among other things, the "InPost Green City" program, which supports the development of Polish cities in accordance with the idea of smart city, among other things, through the development of an optimal and environmentally friendly network of parcel machine devices and activities to improve air quality and climate protection. The "InPost Green City" program is part of the company's long-term strategy, which includes a wide range of innovation and environmental initiatives.

As a first step, InPost has taken care of improving air quality by replacing the car fleet in the Lower Silesian capital with electric vehicles. The company's zero-emission fleet already includes more than a thousand electric cars.

The plans also include modern services for residents, such as chargers for electric cars located in close proximity to the parcel machine and planting air-purifying vegetation.

Joint educational activities

As part of the educational activities of the "InPost Green City" program, the company took part in the "Saturday with Green Wroclaw" event. During this largest environmental event in Wroclaw, InPost organized its own EduZone "On the way to Green City", which was visited by nearly 1.5 thousand people. Educators of the zone showed how everyone, with small steps and changes in daily habits, can take care of a better tomorrow for themselves and their city.

InPost's space provided answers to questions such as what the carbon footprint is, which form of transportation is the most environmentally friendly, and why greenery in cities is so important. The zone gained recognition among residents of Wroclaw, who considered it the second most attractive stand.

It will get greener, grow some trees...

As part of the cooperation with Wroclaw, green projects were implemented, for which InPost allocated half a million zlotys. The funds were used for planting, among other things, climbing plants on various poles, bus stops, fences, but also trees and shrubs.

Many parcel devices have been greened with sedum. Vertical gardens have also been created, planting ivy near the walls of the machines.

InPost has also installed additional air quality sensors that transmit data to the city's system. In cooperation with the Reclaim the Environment Foundation, containers for electro-waste were also erected in the city so that it could be disposed of more easily and properly.

With young talents in mind

As part of the cooperation, InPost also funded scholarships for students who develop projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city, related to sustainability in the broadest sense. They will be awarded to authors of bachelor's, engineering and master's theses related to this topic.

A student may also receive a scholarship for a project that is not related to his or her thesis.

Together about the economy

InPost, together with the city of Wroclaw, appeared at last year's XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz. During the panel "Digital co-creation as a model for building a flexible urban strategy," using the example of Wroclaw, representatives of the local government, academia and business spoke about the essence of cooperation between the public and private sectors in creating Smart City solutions.

They also talked about the design of an integrated, complete and friendly urban space and the issue of environmental education of residents. Marta Zalewska, director of Partner Relations and the InPost Green City Program, then spoke about the ecological transformation of cities, using the example of the company's initiatives and real activities implemented as part of the InPost Green City project.

The company was also a partner of one of the most important economic events in the capital of Lower Silesia - Made in Wroclaw. This unique business event, focused on technology and innovation, attracts leading experts, industry leaders and technology enthusiasts to Wroclaw every year. InPost then funded a cash prize of PLN 15,000 for one of the best and most innovative companies during the startup competition that was part of the event.