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The European Hub for Digital Innovation - WRO4digITal EDIH Wroclaw was established by a consortium of 22 institutions offering comprehensive support in the process of digital transformation. Lower Silesian companies and public administration units now have a chance to take advantage of free expert services and adapt their production or service delivery processes to current digitization trends.

Helpful experts and technology providers

According to Emilia Mazgajczyk, Ph.D., project manager, the main objective of this project is the digital transformation of the Lower Silesian economy.

We are keen for companies to increase their digital maturity, but first of all to find out what it is now so that they can increase it. We are a hub of experts, technology providers and, above all, knowledge. We will support the entire region and Poland on this road to digitization.

Emilia Mazgajczyk

The main goals of the formed consortium also include increasing the competitiveness of local companies and increasing the availability of skilled labor. WRO4digITal is also expected to accelerate the modernization of public administration.

About 200 companies and institutions will benefit

According to Maciej Potocki, president of the Wroclaw Technology Park, the Wroclaw Digital Hub was created with micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in mind.

It is intended to serve all small companies to grow digitally and offer their services in the digital world and develop their business in that direction. For the time being, we are at the beginning of this road, so we believe it is necessary to support the smallest ones. We are confident that about 200 entrepreneurs will benefit from the support, not only from Wroclaw, but from all of Lower Silesia. Together with other hubs not only from Poland, we will actually provide these services for the whole country.

Maciej Potocki

One of 150 such places in Europe

WRO4digITal is a member of the trans-European network of European Digital Innovation Hubs), which is the European Commission's primary tool for supporting and coordinating the digital transformation of the European Union economy.

According to Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw, the creation of the European Digital Innovation Hub "WRO4digITal" is also of great importance for the city.

It is one of 150 places on the map of Europe that creates the availability of digital solutions. In practice, this means that we will be able to reach for world-class solutions. Digital transformation requires knowledge, competence, but also cooperation. Here we have managed to achieve all this.

Jakub Mazur

22 innovative partners

The European Hub for Digital Innovation - WRO4digITal EDIH Wroclaw was created jointly with WPT:

  • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
  • Wroclaw University of Life Sciences
  • Wroclaw University of Economics
  • Coventry University Research Institute Europe
  • SI Consulting
  • National Cloud Operator
  • GISPartner
  • Solid Solutions
  • TestArmy Group
  • Balluff Poland
  • Climbex
  • Robotics Smart Solutions
  • byteLAKE
  • Neurosoft
  • Mis2
  • Invelo Foundation
  • Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency
  • Lower Silesian Development Fund
  • Lower Silesian Investment Development Fund
  • Legnicka Special Economic Zone 
  • Walbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK"