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A recent KPMG survey conducted in partnership with Microsoft showed that 51% of companies recognize the high importance of digital transformation in their organizations, but at the same time only one in five plans to increase investment in this area in the next 12 months.

This shows the magnitude of unpreparedness for unpredictable events that can negatively impact operations and business health. The future cannot be predicted, but for several years we have been dealing with very strong volatility in the market, and entrepreneurs need to be able to deal with it deal with it, respond appropriately and quickly, and plan wisely. That's why at Commerce Transformation Days in September, we want to meet with international experts in the digital commerce area to address relevant topics for the industry. We hope that by exchanging experiences and cooperation on many levels, we will contribute to making it easier for many businesses to face the current - for many difficult - reality.

Grzegorz Kuczynski, CEO at Unity Group.

Commerce Transformation Days is first and foremost a space to exchange knowledge, make valuable connections and have substantive conversations created for the international community developing the commerce field. The conference provides market leaders, investors and partners with a unique opportunity to build relationships and gain unique business value.

Digital transformation experts vs the challenges of tomorrow

The years 2020-2021 and the past months of 2022 were undoubtedly a time of very strong transformation. The level of digitization of companies almost determined their market positioning around the world. For some, proper preparation and the transformation that had been underway for years brought a significant increase in revenue and an influx of new customers changing their buying habits. At the same time, for many entrepreneurs, digitization has become a prerequisite for the company's continued operation and ability to compete. Many companies have approached the transformation positively, and some have redefined their business models to their advantage. Experts clearly indicate that this is the last moment to to invest in digital competencies to keep up with the market and prepare for a battle that will become even fiercer. Understanding how far digital transformation and the use of data can transform business is the key to success in the world of tomorrow, which is bound to be virtual. It is precisely the volatility and challenges of the future that will be the main topics of the upcoming 22nd and 23rd September 2022 Commerce Transformation Days conference.

A Program Council - consisting of top market experts - will oversee the highest value of the event. The main stage of the event will feature distinguished speakers including:

  • Justyna Torres - E-commerce & Customer Excellence Director, Carrefour Italia
  • Przemysław Kotecki - Director of Transformation Office, Allegro
  • Anna Bogdańska - Digital Development Director, RTV EURO AGD
  • Jacek Jaworski - Digital Experience Director & Digital Transformation Lead, UPC Polska
  • Izabela Wisłocka - Vice Director, Digital Ecosystems, PwC
  • Dominik Janes - Head of Business Development, Unity Group
    (Full list of speakers)

The two-day conference is a 20-hour dose of knowledge in the form of inspiring lectures, engaging panel discussions and practical workshops in an intimate setting. The theme of the event is "Transforming Commerce in an Era of Dynamic Change. How to prepare for the unpredictable?". Possible scenarios for companies' responses to the changes will be discussed by e-commerce experts from different sectors and countries. In addition, the conference will discuss the most interesting trends related to the commerce industry, including cross-border, q-commerce, content commerce, green commerce, live commerce, e-grocery, as well as the expansion of marketplaces, new business models including direct to consumer (D2C) or the topic of secure business scalability based on new technologies.
(Event Agenda)

Trade transformation in an era of dynamic change

Poland has for several years remained in one of the last places in the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index), an index of the digital economy and society of European Union countries. This is due This is primarily due to negligence in the area of digitization and insufficient integration of of digital technologies in businesses. Our country, with a score of 41 points in 2021, is still below the EU average (50.7 points). However, it is slowly approaching the EU - in 2016-2021, the level of digital sophistication expressed by the DESI index in Poland grew at a rate of 8-11% y/y. As Unity Group's experts explain, it is important to remember that digital transformation is a process that goes on individually in each company. From it come opportunities, but also challenges to be faced. This year's CTD will focus on many aspects of the digital transformation of commerce, from a B2B and B2C perspective.

The "B2B e-commerce NOW 2022" study, commissioned by the Chamber of Economy Electronics, shows that the pace of B2B market digitization is steadily increasing. More than 90 percent of companies offering products, services and solutions for business plan to develop e-commerce, with 41% of companies already operating in this market. In turn, a quarter expect, over the next year, a significant increase in revenues from this channel (above 20%). This is still a huge potential to be developed. This opportunity is worth debating among CTD experts. The health and competitiveness of the entire retail industry depends on it. B2B customers expect constant access to offers, efficient and personalized service, similar to the one they are used to when buying consumer products.

Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of the Electronic Economy, who took patronage of the Commerce Transformation Days event.

The CTD conference was covered under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Wroclaw. 

The Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency is a partner of the event.

More about the event here.