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In the building belonging to Nokia Poland, located in Srubowa street, 160 accommodation places have been prepared for war refugees from Ukraine. The facility is operated by the Pierwszy Krok Association, which cooperates with the Wroclaw City Hall.

- Preparatory works in the building on Śrubowa Street have already been completed. As of Monday, March 28, from 7.00 a.m., we are fully ready to welcome the first people from Ukraine

- says Monika Drobik from the First Step Association.

Those who escaped from Ukraine before the war have two floors at their disposal. In addition to rooms, there is space for a playroom for children, a laundry room, a place for older children to study, a recreation area and a medical point.

They will help with obtaining a PESEL number

Employees of the Pierwszy Krok Association will take care of changing the bedding and help with the first formalities upon arrival in Poland, such as assigning a PESEL number. In the following days and weeks, they will also deliver necessary clothes and products from the Czasoprzestrzeń Foundation.
There are no places to prepare meals in the building. The refugees accommodated here will be provided with full catering: breakfast, lunch and dinner.