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Thanks to the initiative and commitment of its employees, Unit4 donated PLN 250 thousand to the Ukraine Foundation. The money will be used both to help the Ukrainian community that has remained in the country and for the needs of refugees coming to Poland.

On Monday, May 23, representatives of Unit4 officially donated PLN 250 thousand to the Ukraina Foundation.

- It was a grassroots initiative of the employees who wanted to help Ukraine. Therefore, as a company we organized such a collection. Additionally, we decided to add a contribution from the company. The rule was that we will add another amount to what our employees collect. This initiative came into being very early after 24th February and since then we have started to collect money for this purpose - says
Piotr Chrobot, CEO of Unit4 Polska.

The money will help refugees and those who stayed in Ukraine

The Ukraina Foundation will use the money received both to help refugees and to support those who remained in Ukraine - both civilians and those fighting the occupation.

- Thank you immensely for this gift. Most Ukrainians are enormously grateful to the Poles for their support. Any discussion of Polish-Ukrainian relations shows that we see no borders, only a great partnership and a country that is our first ally and partner for Ukraine. I think this is the beginning of great things - says Artem Zozulia, President of the Ukraine Foundation.

Different support is needed now than before the war

According to Artem Zozulia, the profile of the Ukraine Foundation has changed somewhat in recent months. Before the war it dealt with the support of people who came to Wroclaw for economic purposes or to study. It created a place where Ukrainians could come and integrate with Poles and, on the other hand, have access to their own education and culture. On the other hand, since the beginning of the war, it has been mainly involved in humanitarian and financial aid, both for Ukrainians coming to Poland and those who stayed in the country to fight.

- I am glad that years ago the Ukraine Foundation was established in Wroclaw, because today it plays a key role in the process of supporting refugees who come to us to escape the war. Not only is it a reliable and credible entity, which we became convinced of even before the war, but it also perfectly meets the needs of Ukrainians. We cooperate with it in many areas on a daily basis. I'm also proud of Wroclaw's companies, which since the beginning of the conflict have behaved very decently, supporting the Ukrainian side as much as possible. They certainly passed the test of solidarity and help - says Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wroclaw.

They help in many ways

The donated money is not the only way Unit4 supports the Ukrainians. The company also took care of its Ukrainian employees, among others, by helping them bring their families to Poland. Additionally, every employee who took in refugees gets a monthly compensation from the company to cover their living expenses.

The headquarters of Unit4 Polska is located in Wroclaw, where approximately 600 people are employed. It is here that innovative IT systems, such as Teta, are created. Over 34 years of activity, the company has implemented its solutions in over 2 thousand medium and large companies and institutions. The Unit4 product group includes, among others, ERP and HR systems aimed at supporting key business areas. In the near future, the company intends to focus on developing cloud solutions and microservices.