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The initiative of the Łukasiewicz Research Network and the University of Wroclaw will strengthen the scientific and research offer for business.

The signatories of the agreement, Professor Przemysław Wiszewski, Rector of the University of Wrocław, and Piotr Dardziński, President of Łukasiewicz Research Network, hope that the combination of experience and competences of scientists and Łukasiewicz institutes will translate into the number of implementations of modern solutions into the economy.

- The trend of exchanging knowledge in science has been functioning for a long time, but the times of coronavirus pandemic have clearly shown that the growing expectations of entrepreneurs require even closer cooperation between scientific units - says Piotr Dardziński, president of Łukasiewicz Research Network. - Research projects carried out with the University of Wroclaw will be the beginning of technologies that will support Lower Silesian companies and open new development opportunities for the dynamically operating here mining, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Research university in Łukasiewicz network

The University of Wroclaw is the only participant in the Excellence Initiative Research University programme in south-western Poland. The university has recently joined the Arqus alliance of European universities. The Arqus alliance places great emphasis on cooperation with the socio-economic environment. PhD students and researchers at the University of Wroclaw, while carrying out projects with, among others, the Łukasiewicz research network, will be able to study or use the laboratories of universities in Leipzig, Grenada, Padua, Bergen, Graz, Lyon, Vilnius and Minho.

- Cooperation with the network of Łukasiewicz research institutes is the next step in building our university as a strong European scientific centre. Apart from conducting basic research, application projects are an increasingly strong aspect of our research. Cooperation with Łukasiewicz is a real chance for the implementation of such projects. Both sides will benefit from this agreement - says Prof. Przemysław Wiszewski, Rector of the University of Wrocław.

And then there is the Doctoral School

The University of Wroclaw and Łukasiewicz also bet on intensive didactic cooperation, i.a. by organising programmes raising the qualifications of scientists, exchange of scientific staff and realisation of implementation doctorates.

The parties already have experience in this field thanks to the agreement signed last year between Łukasiewicz - PORT Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii and the University of Wroclaw. Thanks to this agreement, young scientists can prepare their doctoral theses at the University of Wroclaw, while working and gaining experience in international research teams at the Łukasiewicz Institute.