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UPGRADE'23 is a congress for entrepreneurs and managers who want to deepen their knowledge, gain new perspectives and build the competitiveness of their companies in a changing environment.

This is the first event aimed at key decision makers responsible for the development of technology companies in Poland. It will be a place to exchange experiences, learn from experts and create new business relationships. It will be held at The Bridge Wroclaw - MGallery hotel in Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw.

Two days of panel discussions and networking after party

The main goal of the congress is to bring together industry leaders and debate how to build the competitiveness of technology companies in the face of current market challenges and the slowdown that the business is currently facing. It will bring together more than 300 industry entrepreneurs interested in growth and development to talk about their own experiences.

According to the organizers of UPGRADE'23, it will be two days of a strong substantive program, bold and discussion-provoking lectures. It's also an opportunity to network with a select group of technology industry founders and leaders.

Four important thematic areas

UPGRADE'23 will feature panel discussions with non-accidental guests and moderators. The topics of the panels will cover four major thematic areas crucial to business development. They will be:

  • Growth models: Growth strategies and tactics, market expansion.
  • Competitiveness of Polish IT: Building competitive advantages.
  • Talent management: Acquiring and retaining talent in a competitive market.
  • Requirements of the future: Adapting to the changing business environment.

In addition to business representatives, speakers will include independent experts and academics.

Wroclaw is the most important city for IT in Poland

According to Dr. Krzysztof Wojewodzic, CEO of Escola SA, a member of ITCORNER, Wroclaw is the most important city for IT in Poland.

It was in Wroclaw that ITCORNER - the largest cluster of technology service companies - started its operations. Here we have a chance to exchange knowledge and experience. UPGRADE'23 Congress is an event for leaders for whom IT is the drive for business.

Krzysztof Wojewodzic

Roman Jedrkowiak, owner of ADHD Warsaw, member of the ITCORNER Congress Program Council, emphasizes that Upgrade'23 is a unique event that focuses on important business issues.

It will be an event without corporate glitz, speaking to different market segments at once, and over-excitement with buzz words. Instead, it will be with a keen eye on what the heads of mid-sized Polish technology companies need in order to stay relevant and make upgrades in areas that concern the competitiveness of their companies in a rapidly changing world.

Roman Jedrkowiak

According to Roman Jedrkowiak, upgrade is the key word in people management, talent acquisition or international expansion, among others. Such a formatted event has been missing on the Polish market, he says.

Upgrade of business and exchange of high-quality knowledge

In turn, according to Tomasz Muter, vice president of Droids On Roids SA, ITCORNER Board Member, membership in the association enables C-Level knowledge sharing.

It's a place where we can learn from each other, share experiences and spend time out of the box. ITCORNER organizes a number of workshops, trainings and trips that help us cope with current challenges, which in turn contributes to a more dynamic development of our companies. Developing relationships with members provides opportunities for growth not only in business. We get to know each other, share our passions and simply enjoy spending time with each other.

Tomasz Muter

In turn, Karolina Charewicz-Jakubowska, PhD, Managing Director and Board Member of ITCORNER believes that UPGRADE'23 is an event that captures the essence of the organization.

We focus on exchanging high-quality knowledge, creating a good environment for the development of people and business. We want to talk openly and without makeup about the challenges of the present and the future. This is to be an upgrade of the conference formula as well - we are betting on strong, well-thought-out and well-conducted panels. We want to provide food for thought and inspiration, show different points of view and ask bold questions.

Karolina Charewicz-Jakubowska

The organizer of UPGRADE'23 is ITCORNER - a nationwide cluster of technology companies, bringing together owners of companies with exclusive Polish capital, which creates a unique environment of cooperation, inspiration and development for C-Level entrepreneurs and executives on a daily basis. It unites entrepreneurs who actively co-create and develop the cluster - it is the only organization of its kind in Poland, whose strong differentiator is "member driven".