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During the meeting the history of Wroclaw Town Hall and coat of arms as well as the activities of the City Council were presented. Attention was also drawn to the assistance offered by the city to Polish families returning from Kazakhstan in the provision of communal housing.

Cooperation between Wroclaw and Nur-Sultan

- Given the current political situation, such visits are very important. Today we especially appreciate the role of international contacts. Thank you for your activity and full commitment for our mutual relations and deepening contacts between the residents of Wroclaw and Nur-Sultan

- says Sergiusz Kmiecik, Chairman of Wroclaw City Council.
- We are happy that in such a difficult time we were able to meet. Wroclaw is a beautiful city. Our task in Kazakhstan is to unite and represent the Polish minority, which is over 30 thousand people. This is the ninth result out of 120 nationalities that live in Kazakhstan. Our association includes a total of 16 associations. So far, about 500 Polish families have moved from Kazakhstan to Poland under the repatriation program

- emphasized Katarzyna Ostrowska, president of the Association of Poles in Kazakhstan.

The meeting with representatives of the Wroclaw City Council was also attended, among others. The meeting with representatives of the City Council of Wroclaw was also attended by: Irena Pajewska, vice president of the Association "Orszak Polonijny" in Nur-Sultan, Małgorzata Thouard, ambassador of the Assembly of the Kazakhstan Nation, Jarosław Krauze, chairman of the Councillors Club Forum Jacek Sutryk - Wroclaw Common Cause, Dominik Klosowski, chairman of the Commission for Culture and International Cooperation, Bohdan Aniszczyk, chairman of the Nominating Committee and also Dariusz Ostrowski, managing director of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency.

Earlier a meeting with repatriates and coordinators of the Study in Wroclaw project

The visit in Wroclaw by the president of the Union of Poles in Kazakhstan and vice president of the Association of "Orszak Polonijny" lasted from March 17. During the visit Katarzyna Ostrowska and Irena Pajewska-Strzalkowska met with the coordinators of the Study in Wroclaw project, the School of Polish Language at the University of Wroclaw, the Faculty of Management at Wroclaw University of Technology and the Poviat Governor's Office in Wroclaw.
On Saturday, March 19, a meeting with repatriates from Kazakhstan living in Wroclaw was held in the space of the Zajezdnia History Centre. Families of the repatriates as well as officials from the Wroclaw magistrate's office in charge of receiving repatriates were present. The participants had the opportunity to watch a documentary film "Artefakty z szafy - historia o naszych ancestkach zaklęta w przedmiotach" (Artefacts from the closet - a story about our ancestors enchanted in objects) created as a result of many years of laborious collecting of memorabilia from the areas of resettlement of Polish exiles in Kazakhstan. Through the prism of the objects and places discussed, extraordinary moving stories were told.