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A closely guarded plant

No one can enter the LG plant in Biskupice Podgorne near Wroclaw. This can only be done by employees or invited guests, who are subjected to meticulous inspection by up to several people.

There is a total ban on photography on the premises. This is because LG Energy Solution has more than 25,000 patents that are guarded. Anyone who enters the giant factory must secure the cameras on his smartphone with a sticker. And bringing in a laptop or camera involves filling out a special form.

After completing the paperwork, it's time to pass through special gates. These are similar to those at the airport. All you have to do is lay down your backpack or bag with contents and the contents will be scanned anyway.

Employee zones at LG near Wroclaw

In order to get into the LG township, employees go through verification at the entrance and when they finish work. But that's not the only thing they do there.

At the headquarters of LG's Wroclaw branch, employees can use the gym, cafeteria, company restaurants and chillout zones on a daily basis, where they can relax, borrow a book, listen to music, play ping pong and foosball, and even play the piano.

But there is no shortage of friendly, cross-cultural pranks here. You'll find employees of various nationalities, mostly Poles and Koreans, at the facilities. Placing signs on the tables forbidding sleeping, Poles play pranks on their Asian colleagues, who have naps at work written into their culture. Anyway, Koreans are not indebted. They came up with an idea to honor Polish cuisine. There was to be a dish worthy of Michelin stars.... Of potatoes.

Little Korea in Biskupice Podgorne

President of LG's Wroclaw branch Jangha Lee explained that employees are a priority at the company.

We try to respond to their needs comprehensively: in addition to offering employee benefits, such as medical care provided by the company's Medicover medical facility, training, insurance and social benefits, among others, we initiate projects that contribute to the growth of the team.

Jangha Lee, president of LG's Wroclaw branch office

The on-site medical center has also been equipped with a new ambulance. Emergency workers are on duty there 24 hours a day.

Kindergarten with professional musicians

Another convenience is the Hive kindergarten, which can be attended by the children of employees of the manufacturing plant and sister companies, as well as local residents. The facility is public. This means an almost free stay for the child and a subsidy from the educational subsidy. The first five hours of kindergarten at the Hive are free. Each subsequent one costs a zloty. The Hive is open on weekdays from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Classes are conducted by qualified musicians, among others.

Cinema, gyms, chillout zones and a modern training center

A Learning Center has also been established at the plant. This is a separate building that houses a modern training center for LG Energy Solution Wroclaw employees. Nine rooms are used to organize induction for new employees, training for office workers and specialized technical training for production workers.

One of the halls features a Rube Goldberg machine, which is an installation divided into several parts that teams of employees assemble during training. In this way, teamwork skills are practiced.

- At LGESWA, we also have 2 auditoriums, and several times a year we use them in a slightly different form, for example by organizing a cinema for employees," explained Klaudia Piatek of LG.

There is a large screen and a good sound system on site. The company has held movie screenings here for Valentine's Day and Children's Day.

The 12 production halls require constant safety checks

Fire safety is important at the LG factory. There's a camera system, detectors, showers, two fire trucks and 8 firefighters: 2 on duty and 6 ready to undertake rescue and firefighting operations, who watch over the safety of the plant during one shift. A total of 38 firefighters are employed.

The Rescue and Firefighting Center is an investment that also ensures the safety of all other companies operating in the Euro-Park Wislosan economic zone and the residents of the surrounding areas. Thanks to their knowledge of the area and round-the-clock availability, firefighters can already be on the scene of an incident within 4 minutes. This is important because the nearest unit of the State Fire Service is at least a 15-minute drive from the economic zone.

LG Solution - Korean giant in Wroclaw

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw was established in 2016 in Biskupice Podgorne near Wroclaw. It is the first and largest electric car battery factory in Europe. It produces batteries that power cars of global brands, including: Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Such rapid development of the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw plant in Biskupice Podgorne, which took only five years, was possible, of course, thanks to the presence of experienced engineers who came from South Korea, but also, and perhaps most importantly, thanks to the efforts and great commitment of Polish engineers who eventually implemented our technology at the suburban factory.

Jangha Lee, president of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw.

President Jangha Lee added that many cooperating engineers from Poland have been recognized and are today expanding LG Energy Solution's production facilities in the United States.

- Our factory near Wroclaw covers half of LG Energy Solution's global brand sales. Which means that this factory has really great potential, not only in terms of production capacity, but also in terms of the potential of our employees and know-how," added Jangha Lee, president of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. 

Korean companies choose Lower Silesia

It is worth mentioning that Korea is one of Poland's most important economic partners outside Europe, as evidenced by the numerous investments of Korean companies in our country. Currently, there are almost 600 entities with Korean capital, and almost half are based in the Wroclaw agglomeration and its surroundings. In addition, Poland has been strengthening economic cooperation with the Republic of South Korea for a long time.

On April 13, 2023, Wroclaw signed a partnership agreement with Cheongju, the city where LG originated. The Republic of South Korea is a very important economic partner of Poland. In recent years, a very dynamic growth in trade turnover has been recorded. In 2022, they reached their highest value ever - more than $10 billion, and in 2021.

The involvement of Korean capital in Lower Silesia has also caused the global business services sector and air traffic to experience growth. Several years of growth in travelers from Wroclaw via Warsaw to the Republic of Korea contributed to the launch of a direct connection from the Lower Silesian capital to the South Korean capital in November this year.