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Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development Mateusz Morawiecki and deputy ministers Jadwiga Emilewicz, Jerzy Kwieciński, Paweł Chorąży, Radosław Domagalski, Mariusz Haładyj, Adam Hamryszczak, Tadeusz Kościński and Witold Słowik met representatives of the diplomatic corps. The talks concerned the key goals of Poland's economic growth. They were also an opportunity to summarise the previous course of international cooperation as well as outline its further prospects. The meeting was held on January 18 2016 in Warsaw.

Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki stressed that, following the example of best models of the world, Poland would establish a strong Agency for Support of Exports.

"One of the ministry's goals is foreign expansion of Polish exports and capital. By creating the Agency for Support of Exports, which is to serve roles of a few entities now assisting companies in their expansion abroad, we will be able to provide more effective support to Polish enterprises in their attempts to conquer the most exotic markets" – he added. 

The minister also assured that Poland is open to foreign investments.

"We are more than keen on attracting foreign investments. However, it is important that they be investments maximally advanced in technological terms – as well as innovative and able to create a network of co-operators, initiate collaboration with tertiary institutions and let Poland go up in the global added value chain" - he explained. 

Deputy Minister Morawiecki also recounted the recent establishment of the Innovation Council. 

"The competitiveness of Polish economy depends mainly on investment in innovations, which will become the driving force behind changes not only in technological but also social terms. We want to effectively invest over 16 billion EUR allocated to innovation by Poland-wide and regional programmes, as well as domestic capital, so that Polish products become goods valued and sought after on global markets. We want to initiate a new approach to this important issue to determine Polish economic success in the future" - he said.   

Source: https://www.mr.gov.pl