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Wolves Summit Wrocław, which takes place from 19 to 21 October, includes over 200 speakers, investors and entrepreneurs from Europe, over 1000 startups and 15 thematic blocks concerning, among others, artificial intelligence, circular economy, technology transfer, production or IoT.

The organizers emphasize that although the event is held for the 14th time, it has never reached such a large scale before. All thanks to the hybrid form of the event: a combination of a stationary conference with meetings, presentations and online workshops. For the first time, Wolves Summit was in Wrocław in March 2021.

Wolves Summit Wrocław

Concordia Design on Wyspa Słodowa will host the event's main studio, but most of all, this is where the leaders of startups, mature companies and investment funds will come. Among them there will be representatives of: Microsoft, Bolt, PwC, Raiffeisen and many others.

The guests expected in Wrocław include: Vargha Moayed, head of the UiPath strategy, one of the European unicorns (unicorns), i.e. startups whose valuation during the stock exchange debut reached USD 1.3 billion. The company deals with the robotization of business processes. The purpose of the software she creates is to replace people in simple, repetitive activities. UiPath was established in 2005 and employed 10 people. Today it has 8,000. customers (including Uber, Gazprom, Bank of America, Toyota, Adobe, EY) and operates in 30 countries.

Wolves Summit: UiPath Automation Award and 50,000 euro

During Wolves Summit, the company will award the "UiPath Automation Award", which is an award for the best startup in the field of automation. The winner will receive a grant of PLN 50,000. euro.

As Wolves Summit, we strive to support the development of the innovation ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe and we know that we can best achieve it with organizations and individuals who share our mission and think for the future. We are pleased to be able to provide a platform and tangible support for UiPath in selecting the next automation masters in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey Michael Chaffe, CEO of Wolves Summit

Michael Chaffe adds that this year's edition, as a hybrid event, will enable more entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to take advantage of the matchmaking opportunity, as well as provide access to industry-leading speakers and speakers.