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Presentation of the experiences and potential of Lower Silesian companies, promotion of mutual economic contacts and establishing cooperation with economic partners from the Persian Gulf countries are the main goals of the presence of representatives of Lower Silesia and the Wroclaw agglomeration at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

The mission to Dubai is aimed at recognizing the market and establishing new business contacts. It is especially important to expand cooperation with economic partners on the Persian Gulf market in terms of selling products or services manufactured by Lower Silesian enterprises. Participants also take part in numerous industry conferences, shows, presentations and visits to the headquarters and production plants of potential contractors. They also have the opportunity to meet representatives of business environment institutions.

Wroclaw companies strive for new markets

The Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency in Dubai is represented by, inter alia, President Magdalena Okulowska, as well as three companies selected in the competition: BZB UAS, ARC Software, Neotechnik / Projekt INN +. The first of them deals with the design, integration and production of Unmanned Flying Systems and provides services with their use, which are additionally supported by artificial intelligence. In turn, ARC Software specializes in custom software development, process automation, scaling business operations and team leasing. On the other hand, Neotechnik / Projekt INN + uses advanced technologies that improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on the roads and ensure the comfort of drivers.

Wroclaw companies presented their opportunities during a meeting with investors from Arab countries during the Lower Silesian Evening and an all-day conference: Polish-Arab Economic Forum, organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. 

We were preparing for both the EXPO and business meetings in Dubai. We knew that we would meet people who would take their business very seriously and were well versed in the possibilities of European markets. They are good, stable business partners. We hope that the visits of our companies will allow them to conduct joint projects soon. Wroclaw also came to EXPO with an important topic of environmental education. A temporary exhibition on this subject has been prepared by Hydropolis, the Wroclaw water knowledge center. Only on December 2, right after the opening of the exhibition, it was visited by a total of several thousand people. -Radosław Michalski, Director of the City Promotion and Tourism Department of the Wroclaw City Hall.

Successful Lower Silesian Evening

During the Lower Silesian Evening, about 200 invited guests, incl. from the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf region had the opportunity to get to know Lower Silesia, local entrepreneurs and the innovations they implement. Not only technologies already appreciated in the world were presented, but also completely new projects, such as ultra-modern bands and transmitting and receiving devices, or satellites already present in space - created by companies from the region. 

The Lower Silesian Evening is a great opportunity for foreign contractors to get to know Lower Silesian companies that are starting to gain foreign markets with their products, including space. - Grzegorz Macko, Deputy Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Lower Silesia as a center of innovation

The Lower Silesian delegation participating in EXPO 2020 includes, among others, domestic entrepreneurs representing the following sectors: health, ICT, drones, space industry, virtual and augmented reality, mobility and cybersecurity. Each of the companies had the opportunity to show its innovation and modernity through a history of its success and plans for the future.

The self-government of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship carries out many activities supporting innovation and economic development of regional enterprises. One of them is the project "Going Global - Lower Silesian Economic Diplomacy'', under which our economic mission and the Lower Silesian Evening are organized. During the multimedia show, companies showed how many diverse and innovative products and ideas are born in our region. -Cezary Przybylski, Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

The presentation of the region in the period from December 2 to 8 also includes Polish Day, which is scheduled for December 7. Representatives of Lower Silesia will talk about sustainable water management and minimizing water losses through closed-loop solutions.

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Lower Silesia is part of the Polish pavilion, which was distinguished by the daily "The National" as one of the 17 most interesting at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Its area is over 2,000 square meters with a wooden facade and a kinetic sculpture symbolizing a flock of birds. A spectacular element of the exhibition is the artistic multimedia installation "Polish Table", consisting of 120 modules made of Polish wood and special modules made by leading artists, architects and engineers. The slogan is "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature”. The pavilion is to inspire and share with the world many solutions for a conscious, sustainable future.

A good place to show Polish innovations

The United Arab Emirates is a key economic partner for Poland in the Middle East region and, together with Saudi Arabia, is our most important market in the region. In 2018, the trade turnover between Poland and the UAE amounted to nearly EUR 700 million, while our country still maintains a positive balance of exchange.

The EXPO 2020 exhibition in Dubai is the best place to showcase our innovative region. After a long and difficult period of the pandemic, it is also a great start to the project "Going Global - Lower Silesian Economic Diplomacy" and a strong start to our activities supporting the internationalization of Lower Silesian enterprises. -Andrzej Jaroch, Chairman of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Assembly.

The trip is organized as part of the RPDS project. 01.04.01-02-0007 / 19  "Promotion of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia in Poland and abroad as an attractive area in terms of economy and investment" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of Lower Silesia for 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1. Enterprises and innovation, Measure 1.4 Internationalization enterprises, Sub-measure 1.4.1. Internationalization of enterprises - horizon.