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Prof. Artur Ekert, 62, hails from Wroclaw, Poland, is a physics graduate of the Jagiellonian University, and received his PhD from Oxford University, where he still works today. He works in theoretical physics, specializing in quantum computing and quantum cryptology.

The justification for the Royal Society Milner Award and Lecture for 2024 states that the award was given for: "pioneering contributions to quantum communication and quantum computing that have transformed quantum computing from a niche academic field into a vibrant interdisciplinary research field with practical applications in industry."

Professor Ekert has shown that Bell's inequalities can be used to detect eavesdropping in quantum communication. The scientist has made tremendous contributions to the theoretical and experimental basis of quantum communication and computing. Thanks to his work, it was possible to combine quantum computing with secure data transmission. He conducted pioneering research on quantum logic gates, developed the first methods for stabilizing and protecting quantum operations, and proposed one of the practical designs of a quantum computer.

Mariusz Blonski, science website Kopalniawiedzy.pl

Prof. Ekert is the recipient of many other esteemed scientific awards, including.

  • Maxwell Medal awarded by the Institute of Physics,
  • Hughes Medal awarded by the Royal Society;
  • European Union Descartes Prize.