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Google has completed recruitment for a new accelerator for European startups in the field of medicine and health. At the beginning of October this year, 15 most promising companies in this field were selected, including 3 startups from Poland - Biotts from Wroclaw, Goodsleeper from Lublin and MedApp from Kraków.

Biotts will develop its operations under the watchful eye of Google

Google informs that the program that is just beginning will be run by the team of the Warsaw Campus Google for Startups and will last until the end of the year. The goal of the Google accelerator for startups is to provide young companies with knowledge and competences based on the experience of Google experts and knowledge of technology.

In addition to mentoring and technical support for projects, the program also includes workshops on product design, reaching customers and entering new markets.

Wroclaw Biotts revolutionizes the administration of drugs and vaccines

Scientists from the Wroclaw-based company Biotts are working on a unique transdermal patch. There is a chance that Polish technology will revolutionize the methods of administering drugs and vaccines against COVID-19.

The point is that the current methods of administering drugs do not fully use the therapeutic potential of pharmaceuticals: to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, we take more and more of them, thus experiencing more and more side effects of therapy.

The team of Biotts technologists, a company operating in the Wrocław Technology Park at ul. Duńska wants to change that.

I have always wondered how to hack the human body and heal diseased tissues so that the whole body does not suffer. After many years of work, we have managed to create a universal tool for this hacking at Biotts. Our transdermal patch transfers 20 times larger particles through the skin than global competition does today, and this opens a new chapter for drug manufacturers. - Dr. Paweł Biernat, president of the Wrocław-based Biotts company.

Biotts biotechnology startup

The solutions of the Wroclaw-based company enabled the transport of drugs through the skin - so far it was impossible to administer most of the medicinal substances in this way.

The company's representatives emphasize that the effectiveness of the Biotts transdermal patch has been confirmed by subsequent, independent tests in laboratory conditions. Biotts carriers can be used, for example, as a transport system for commonly used drugs, increasing their targeted action, reducing the dose and radically reducing the side effects of therapy, especially on the gastrointestinal tract. 

So far, despite many attempts, only 17 drugs have been developed in the form of transdermal patches - that is, 17 systems that deliver medicinal substances through the skin after application in the form of a patch. Only 10 of them have been commercially successful, e.g. nicotine, nitroglycerin, rivastigmine, fentanyl, hormonal drugs (steroids and contraception).

Thanks to the Biotts solution, we do not interfere with our body (no more injections), we do not give tablets (we do not burden the digestive system), we do not have to remember about them, because the application of the active substance happens by itself through the transdermal system.

Imagine medications given for breast cancer in the form of ointments - we only act on locally altered tissues, aiming directly at the place where our body is sick. Patients' comfort and the effectiveness of therapy are very important to us. In this context, the effectiveness of our carrier is important, regardless of whether it will be in the form of a patch, ointment or spray, and thanks to the developed technology, we transfer really large particles through the skin. This is a groundbreaking discovery. Targeted therapy will relieve the entire body, and that may mean the end of exhausting therapies. - Dr. Jan Meler, co-founder of Biotts.

Biotts goes to the USA and plans to expand internationally

In September this year, Biotts announced that it has opened an office in Boston. It is a milestone in development for the company.

We want Biotts to become a global company. Our potential clients are large pharmaceutical concerns, and these have their headquarters all over the world. In order to gain better access and be more visible in the biotechnology market, we need clear exposure. The new headquarters of the company in Boston is to fulfill these tasks - Karolina Buratyńska, general manager at Biotts.

Currently, Massachusetts is seen as the best place in the world to start a biotechnology company, with 1000 companies in this industry already operating there. And accelerators, incubators, funds, colleges and other programs help Massachusetts support the growth of young business.

AstraZeneca, located in this state, is one of the most important biotechnology incubators. Leading biotechnology companies call it home, making the intersection of Cambridge Ames and Main Street, Kendall Square, a magnet for startups as new students come to MIT and Harvard every year, adds Karolina Buratyńska.

The company is planning further international expansion. In the first quarter of 2022, Biotts wants to open another European office, this time in Denmark.