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The "25 before 25" competition is a prestigious ranking of the most talented Poles under 25 years of age. The list of finalists is composed of more than 70 people jury composed of representatives of business, science, and new technologies. As the organizers claim, the task is not easy.

- Finalists of the competition are different from each other. Some of them run their own companies, sit on managerial positions, others cannot imagine a job that is supposed to bring profits. There are students of the best universities in the world, but also those who gave up education for business. What they have in common is talent and stubbornness not to give in to the limitations resulting from their origin, parents' financial situation or stereotypes concerning young people

- McKinsey & Company.

The most talented Polish youth in the competition "25 before 25" 2022

In this year's fourth edition of the list "25 before 25", of " Forbes" magazine and the consulting firm McKinsey & Company - there were three inhabitants of Wroclaw: Julian Wąsek, Piotr Mazurek (winner of the category "New Technologies"), and Wojciech Szlasa.
The competition included 5 categories: "Business", "Social Activity", "Science", "New Technologies" and "Sustainable Development and Climate".
In each category, one winner was selected and received a prize of 10 thousand PLN and the support of a mentor.

Wojciech Szlasa, "Science" category in the "25 before 25" competition

Wojciech Szlasa
Wojciech Szlasa

Wojciech Szlasa, is the winner of the "30 Creative Wroclaw 2021" ranking. He deals with the analysis of electrochemotherapy and photodynamic therapy, i.e. modern targeted anti-cancer therapies for melanoma, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Already in high school he participated in an internship in the Department of Pathogen Biology and Immunology at the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Wroclaw, and later also during his medical studies at the Wroclaw Medical University. He is the winner of the Student Nobel Prize 2021 and the medal of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Dr. Waclaw Mayzel Medical Laurel.

Julian Wąsek, "Social Activity" category in the "25 before 25" competition

School 2.0 team, from left: Julian Wąsek, Maja Reda, Mateusz Kasprzak
School 2.0 team, from left: Julian Wąsek, Maja Reda, Mateusz Kasprzak
Julian Wąsek, is the creator of School 2.0, which aims, among others, to help teachers learn modern teaching methods, promote sustainable education, and take care of the mental health of students.
School 2.0 is credited with a report on the mental health of male and female students during the pandemic and distance learning. Soon, they plan to launch an e-learning platform where students will have access to content neglected at schools - such as time management, team building or coping with stress.

Piotr Mazurek, winner of the "New Technologies" category in the "25 before 25" competition

Zhiva.ai platform
Zhiva.ai platform
Piotr Mazurek, is the co-founder of Zhiva.ai platform (the company was founded by Kemal Erdem), thanks to which startups and research groups can more easily apply AI models in clinical settings. Zhiva.ai already cooperates with medical institutions and has experts in artificial intelligence from New York University among its advisors.
Piotr Mazurek graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science and Management (currently Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications) at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He was active in medical.ml student scientific group and worked on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the analysis of images taken by drones.