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It is attended by the creators and leaders of the most interesting Polish and European startups from various industries, present on the market for no more than 5 years. They must also have an innovation under their belt, which may be, for example, a product, technology, business model or an optimized process.

A chance to enter the world of big business

Participation in the competition is an opportunity to learn from the best, present yourself to potential investors and gain a business partner from among thousands of entrepreneurs ready to invest in innovative ideas.

Winners can count on entering the world of big business and the opportunity to obtain substantive, organizational or financial support.

This year, 170 start-ups took part in the Start-Up Challenge competition. They competed in six industry categories:

  • new industry - Industry 4.0, robotics, automation, production systems, new materials, space industry
  • environment - environmental protection: technologies for the climate, ecological cultivation, smart energy, use of raw materials, waste processing
  • tradition & modernity - traditional industry, energy, telecommunications, transport, construction
  • health & biotechnology - medicine, health, medical technologies, pharmacy, biotechnology
  • business processes - management, analytics, ICT, cybersecurity, logistics, HR
  • client & lifestyle - commerce, customer experience, e-commerce, fintech, edutech, gaming, sport, leisure industry

Wrocław start-ups at the forefront

The Wrocław startup CUX won in the business processes category. CUX is the world's first UX Automation tool that detects patterns of user behavior and experiences on websites. It helps companies not only save time, previously devoted to manual data analysis, but also maintain sales growth by predicting customer behavior.

Creating a startup is 90% thankless work. Eternal balancing between what we can do, what we are better at, and what we do not have the resources for and what else we would like to do. This award is a form of appreciation that this effort is visible, it pays off and it is worth trying further. Young companies struggle with market distrust, and for us it is also another brick to raise the level of trust in our activities. We are constantly developing towards predicting user behavior, we want to support organizations as much as possible in understanding them, which really translates into business. For this purpose, we are in the process of obtaining financing to be able to win many markets at the same time. - Paulina Walkowiak, managing director and co-founder of CUX.

The second winner of the Start-Up Challenge 2021 from Wrocław is IDENTT, the creator of a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process where it is necessary in the customer service process. Automatic verification allows for more accurate and reliable document verification than using traditional methods. In combination with biometric checking of the image of a person, a company using IDENTT solutions has a much greater chance of detecting fraud. IDENTT was awarded in the client and lifestyle category.

Also other young companies from Wrocław took part in the finals, to which only 18 start-ups qualified, among others CancerCenter.ai, PayEye and A4BEE Architects for Business.

The final of this year's edition of the Start-up Challenge competition took place on September 21, 2021 in Katowice.