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More than 100 companies enrolled for participation in the first Polish edition of the global programme Chivas Regal - The Venture. The project came into being in mind with support for young entrepreneurs and start-ups who strive for financial success while being intent on solving social problems.
On January 15 2016, during this year's edition of The Venture, the competition jury comprising Michał Żebrowski (actor, entrepreneur), Marian Owerko (Bakalland Polska), Agnieszka Oleszczuk – Widawska (representative of start-up related circles) and Philip Ainsworth (Wyborowa Pernod Ricard) chose the winner. The first prize and an invitation to participate in the global final were awarded to Migam, a company founded by Tomasz Gniewek and Przemek Kuśmierek.

Migam's mission is to do away with the communication barrier between hearing people and those with hearing impairments as well as facilitate the latter to gain access to all goods and services which are used by hearing people.
Also the companies Emerald and Jillion climbed the podium.
Emerald is an electronic device measuring all necessary parameters of the air, and more importantly the level of harmful biochemical substances causing allergies, asthma, and inflammatory or skin conditions in closed spaces. The device is connected to a mobile application displaying all microclimate parameters in real time. The software shows information on acceptable levels being exceeded, providing data related to relevant threats and ready solutions making it possible to avoid them.

Jillion is a social financing platform where one can not only sell products but services. Most of the income is allocated to a clearly specified goal - e.g. renovation of a school or financing specific medical treatment. Items that one can put on auction include home-made preserves or English lessons.

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