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The agreement also provides for energy offtake for a period of min. 24 years by the LSSE and the zone's tenants. This solution is expected to make it possible to provide a safe, stable and emission-free source of energy for investments located in the Legnica Zone.

Small nuclear reactors, or SMR technology, are a novelty in the Polish energy industry

However, as experts predict, there will be increased development and corporate interest in nuclear reactors in the coming years due to high energy prices, the limited availability of power in the electric grid and the availability of fossil fuels.

The global energy shortage problem has been much talked about. Potential investors are increasingly hampered by the availability of energy and gas in the quantities they need. The new solution could allow a safe, stable and emission-free source of energy for factories located in the Zone. We are taking another step not only towards green energy, but also towards strengthening energy security.

Przemysław Bożek, president of the Legnica Special Economic Zone

The investment will be carried out almost from A to Z by the American company Last Energy

Last Energy is an American investor, developer and operator of small modular nuclear power plants. Its SMR offering encompasses the entire investment process - from design concept, through design, agreements, financing, implementation, servicing, maintenance and energy production for the customer, to disposal of the plant and fuel.

Poland is one of the first countries where Last Energy plans to implement the developed SMR technology. We are pleased that the Legnica Special Economic Zone has expressed its interest in our technology, and its willingness to sign a long-term contract to receive the energy produced. Ahead of us is the process of identifying potential locations and then confirming the design assumptions. The cooperation being developed is aimed at increasing energy security for Polish industry and society.

Damian Jamroz, president of Last Energy Poland.

Wroclaw-based DB Energy will provide integration of power plant infrastructure and end customers

The company has been operating on the Polish market for 13 years. During this time it has executed more than 1,200 energy efficiency improvement projects, generating investments worth more than PLN 4.8 billion, which translated into energy consumption reductions exceeding 8.3 TWh.

DB Energy has entered into a tripartite agreement with Last Energy and the Legnica Special Economic Zone to participate in the process of construction and integration in the Zone of 10 small nuclear reactors with a total electrical capacity of 200 MW. Our investment will provide businesses in the Zone with a zero-carbon and stable source of energy. Small nuclear power plants, especially those produced by our partner Last Energy, are the future of large companies on their path to zero-carbon.

Dominik Brach, vice president of DB Energy.