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For the first time, the Made in Wroclaw conference lasted three days. Each of them was dedicated to a specific topic of key importance from a business perspective – the pandemic, industry 4.0 and ecology.

‘What we could see thanks to speakers, panelists, partners and exhibitors of Made in Wroclaw 2020, showed that the slogan that we chose at this year’s edition of our event “We do not slow down!” ideally reflects what goes on in our city. I am happy that we showed once again who is the driving power of Wroclaw,’ Magdalena Okulowska, the president of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, summarised this year’s edition of Made in Wroclaw.

On the impact of the pandemic on entrepreneurs

On the first day, speakers, including representatives of 3M, 3M GSC Poland, Whirlpool Company Polska Sp. z o.o and SoDA – Software Development Association Poland, said how businesses operated during the outbreak of the pandemic and how they adapted to the new economic reality. They also tried to answer the question about the impact of the current situation on the future of economy.

The first day of the conference included also a discussion panel ‘Fight against coronavirus: new reality, new methods of action’, in which experts from Schaeffler Global Services Europe, ITCorner, Industrias Alegre, JP Weber and the Wroclaw University of Technology took part. The participants discussed the impact of the pandemic on the functioning of various market sectors.

‘The states where societies obey the rules relating to the fight with coronavirus are able to restrain the spread of the virus. For the time being, we must draw conclusions from what happened last spring and maybe another scare of this coronavirus like the one we see currently should inspire us to think,’ Prof. Marcin Drąg, Ph.D., from the Wroclaw University of Technology commented during the panel.

On the second day of Made in Wroclaw, participants talked about smart robotisation, supply chains, digitisation and the fourth industrial revolution.

The last day of the Made in Wroclaw 2020 conference was devoted to a discussion on the relation between economy and ecology.

30,000 visits online

On the last day of Made in Wroclaw, a virtual fair was held, at which over 56 exhibitors were present. Among them, there were Wroclaw start-ups and business leaders and institutions co-creating the city.

During the live broadcast from the main fair stage, the hosts connected live to representatives of companies who talked about their activity, showed company showrooms and presented various possibilities of co-operation to which they are open. Topics such as development, professional career and the implementation of innovations were discussed. However, the fair was not limited to what happened on the main stage.

In a specially designed application, participants of Made in Wroclaw could take part in competitions, matchmaking and online networking. It is worth mentioning Liberating Structures – interactive workshops held at the end of each day of the event.

Broadcasts of Made in Wroclaw 2020 will be available on: www.made-in-wroclaw.pl.