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The organizer of the conference, held under the patronage of the City of Wroclaw, is the Wroclaw Technology Park.

Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial - under this slogan we will meet for the second time at a conference organized by WPT. The first edition of the event, held in the spring of 2022, attracted numerous representatives of Wroclaw's business and scientific community. This year we are hoping for an even bigger turnout

Maciej Potocki, president of the Wroclaw Technology Park.

Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial. Conference program

- Ahead of us are important discussions and inspiring pitches. Together with Wroclaw innovators, we will rediscover the potential of our city and find out how great creativity is in Wroclaw. I invite you, to the next edition of the conference, full of diverse topics related to entrepreneurship! - adds Maciej Potocki.

The agenda of the 2nd Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial Conference includes expert talks on the importance of corporate social responsibility, inspiration sessions with pitches of innovative Wroclaw ideas, and discussions on digitization and the role of innovation in the dynamically changing business and technological reality.

The first part of the conference will be devoted to the social responsibility of Wroclaw business. We will start with the "Responsible for the Future" report, issued by WPT, the Pro Mathematica Foundation and Insight, and complement it with a panel discussion titled "What is Wroclaw business responsible for?" featuring representatives from WPT, Credit Agricole, MPWiK Wroclaw and Merito University, among others. The role of supporting young Wroclaw talents will also be shown.

Digital Wroclaw. European Hub for Digital Innovation

The Wro4digITal project, the European Hub for Digital Innovation (EDIH) of Wroclaw, created by a consortium of 22 institutions offering comprehensive support in the digital transformation process, will have its premiere during the conference.

Under it, Lower Silesian companies and public administration units will be able to take advantage of free expert services and modernize the way they produce or provide services in line with current digitization trends. Representatives of Kyndryl, Columb Technologies / Taxxo, Identt and Wroclaw University of Technology will discuss the role of digitization in business in a panel discussion "Digital Wroclaw".

What is innovation today? The answer at the Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial conference

The entire conference program will be complemented by a panel discussion titled "What is innovation today?" with representatives from WPD Pharmaceuticals, Healthcann, GREEN SEQUEST and Unitem Mower, and two inspiration sessions showing what drives Wroclaw entrepreneurship with representatives from the University of Economics, Kolejkow, LightApply and Imago Foundation.

Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial. Conference date. Registration. Anyone can come

The conference will be held on 23.11.2023 at the Wroclaw Technology Park, in the DELTA building at 9 Danska St. Participation is free, but the number of places is limited, so registration on the Wroclaw is Entrepreneurial conference website is required.