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For the past two years, the mayor of Wroclaw has been awarding socially responsible companies during a gala at the Economic Forum in Karpacz.

This year's honors went to BASF, for its commitment to cooperation with the scientific community and the development of a culture of equality in Wroclaw; the Selena Group, very active with its help during the pandemic, today we also associate it with green Wroclaw and its commitment to planting the Osobowice Forest; and the New York Mellon Bank for its employee volunteer program for the benefit of neighboring communities.

Socially responsible business plays a key role in the city's development. The companies we are awarding today are socially active, investing in educational programs, health care and other social development activities. The activities of the awarded these companies are a perfect example of the fact that it is possible to achieve both business and social success by acting for the benefit of the people who live around us, for the benefit of the community.

Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is number one

Wroclaw has been recognized in the Dealroom ranking, in which it received the title of "rising star of technology hubs," taking 1st place in Poland, 2nd in Europe and 8th in the world. During the launch of the Polish Startups report, Wroclaw was named Startup Capital of Poland.

In recent years, with the participation of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, more than 260 FDI (foreign direct investment) projects have been implemented, thanks to which more than 130 thousand new jobs have been created in the agglomeration. In 2023, another 15 investors trusted Wroclaw, which brought another 5.5 thousand jobs.

Wroclaw artists for Wroclaw business

The authors of the art glass sculptures, which constitute the Awards of the Mayor of Wroclaw, are Tomasz Urbanowicz and Konrad Urbanowicz, Wroclaw artists, winners of the CODAawards competition for the best artwork in architecture in the world.

Information about the awarded companies


BASF in the agglomeration has the most modern catalyst plant in Europe, and has also opened a new office in Wroclaw in the past year. The staff will increase by another 70 specialists.

For BASF, the most important projects are related to education: cooperation with universities - joint scientific projects and academic subjects, lecture series and implementation doctorates, as well as extensive internship programs. BASF in 2020 signed the Diversity Charter coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum, and in 2021 inaugurated a social campaign: "Chemistry is a Woman."


During the coronavirus pandemic, the group donated more than 20,000 disinfectant preparations to more than 50 entities, mainly Lower Silesian hospitals and medical facilities. On the initiative of employees, visors were produced for those in need.

The company helped the families of workers from Ukraine. On the initiative of Selena Group, the Osobowicki forest in Wroclaw was enriched with a thousand new trees - maples and sycamores. The new plantings occupied an area of one-quarter of a hectare, which in the future will allow the production of about one hundred and forty kilograms of oxygen per day.

These are just some of the many socially important initiatives undertaken by the SELENA group.

BNY Mellon

The company has opened another branch in Wroclaw. It now employs 2,500 people. The new investment will increase the number of specialists by another 1,500 people.

In 2022, Wroclaw was named a Strategic Development Location of BNY Mellon.

A pillar of socially responsible activities in the Wroclaw office is employee volunteerism for the benefit of neighboring communities, which allows employees to engage in projects for the charges of local NGOs throughout the year.

Each employee has an annual pool of 24 hours available for community service.