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This is the final of the project funded by the National Center for Research and Development "Bio-, nanosatellite using miniaturized lab-on-chip instruments and methodology for conducting bio-medical research with its use in microgravity conditions".

Several universities are taking part in it: Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Life Sciences, Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, and the leader is the Wroclaw company SatRevolution. The scientific mentor of the whole project is Prof. Jan Dziuba from Wroclaw University of Technology, a specialist in the field of microsystems (MEMS, MEOMS) and nanosystems (NEMS).

The Medical University is represented by Julita Kulbacka, PhD, Prof. Jolanta Saczko, Olga Michel, PhD, Nina Rembiałkowska, PhD and Dawid Przystupski, PhD from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Over the next few days the researchers will be analyzing data sent directly from the orbit to the devices in the Wroclaw laboratory. The main objective of this part of the project is to observe how microgravity and cosmic radiation affect the action of specific oncology drugs and how these factors may affect human health.

- Our LabSat is about the size of a microscope slide, but it is an integrated laboratory, providing the appropriate environment necessary for the survival of biological samples. Proper humidity, temperature, lighting, gas and media supply are required to sustain their vital functions. Creating such conditions was the biggest challenge in our work, but thanks to the interdisciplinary team we succeeded. In the first stage we conducted tests on Earth, now the system is being tested in orbit. The results of the project will be used to develop a universal bio-nanosatellite allowing to conduct diverse research - says dr hab. Julita Kulbacka.

The bio-nanosatellite constructed by the scientists of the University of Warsaw is one of three devices placed on the orbit within the framework of the project.