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 The city wants to support entrepreneurs in the gastronomy industry, facilitate their promotion, education and establishment of business contacts.

Délice (The City Network on Food & Gastronomy) creates conditions for the exchange of knowledge and experience, facilitates partnerships and international projects, coordinates joint actions on issues related to:

  • food culture - an essential aspect of city identity that needs to be protected;
  • food sector - the driving force of economic development;
  • the food market - in terms of international reach and impact;
  • food policy - a tool to improve the quality of life.

Wroclaw's membership in the Délice Network is also a strengthening of the city on the international arena and a promotion of local gastronomic events.

Wroclaw in the Délice Network

The Délice Network was established in 2007 in Lyon, France. Its members are currently 31 cities from 5 continents, including: Buenos Aires, Chicago, Montreal, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Birmingham, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Leipzig, Brussels, Riga. The capital of Lower Silesia will be the first member of the Network from Poland and Central Europe. The decision to join the Délice Network will be made by city councillors at a session of the City Council to be held on 24 February this year.

Délice Network - support for the catering industry

Representatives of the Wrocław City Hall's Economic Development Office emphasize that participation in the Délice Network provides real support for entrepreneurs in the catering industry. Cooperation with other Délice Network partner cities will also be one of the tools for building a catering brand, strengthening Wroclaw on the international arena and promoting the city's catering events such as "Europe on a Fork" or "Christmas Market" and initiatives related to sustainable development of the city.

- We want to introduce Wroclaw on the international culinary routes, share knowledge and experience with other metropolises - especially in strengthening the local gastronomy. I am convinced that in the Délice Network we will develop innovative ideas that will help face the challenges of the market. Délice is an opportunity to create partnerships, benefit from the experience of practitioners from different countries, participate in professional workshops, and constantly follow trends. Wrocław - just like our cuisine - is multicultural, open and modern, and this is how we want to promote it in the world

- says Małgorzata Golak, Director of the Wroclaw City Hall Economic Development Office.

Délice Network - promoting Wroclaw

Wroclaw's membership in the Délice Network has been endorsed by the Wroclaw Catering Council, whose members are representatives of the Wroclaw catering industry.

- This is a great opportunity to showcase the culinary history of Wrocław and Lower Silesia and share our experiences with others. Participation in the Délice Network can also help us reach local suppliers who focus on better and organic products

- says Anna and Krzysztof Zych, owners of the restaurant "Cuda Na Kiju" and pub "Sielanka" in Wroclaw.

Jolanta Jurkowlaniec, owner of the "Dinette" restaurant in Wroclaw, adds that Wroclaw is perceived as a meeting place and it is best to meet at the table.

- Over the past 10 years, Wrocław's gastronomic offer has developed significantly. Participation in the Délice Network can sustain this trend. It is also an opportunity to develop the entire industry and the services we provide, which also translates to the quality of life of residents

- says Jolanta Jurkowlaniec, owner of Dinette restaurant.

Joining the Délice Network is part of implementing the objectives of the Wroclaw 2030 Strategy (i.e., improving the city's position in international rankings) and the Entrepreneurship Development Strategy of the City of Wroclaw, by supporting the internationalisation of Wroclaw entrepreneurs.