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Smart City Forum is the largest congress in Poland dedicated to the functioning and development of smart cities.
It is also a meeting place where cities of different sizes learn from each other how to implement innovations, share the knowledge and experience gained.
The event brings together decision-makers from the national level, local administration and well-known experts from industries such as transport, construction, security, energy, data management or public services.

Technology in city management

In June, for the fourteenth time already, city authorities, business representatives and smart city experts will meet to discuss the use of modern technologies in city management, implementation of e-services in local governments, and ecology in smart cities. The event schedule also includes discussions on modern urban transport and creating conditions for business development.

- This is certainly the largest congress in Poland dedicated to the development of smart cities. The upcoming edition is unique because together we will think about how cities and regions should cope in these difficult times of crisis caused by the pandemic. It is also the need to adapt our cities and ourselves to this new reality. I think every local government official is asking themselves how much impact technology has on shaping our local communities in this pandemic crisis.

- says Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wrocław, Honorary Chairman of the Smart City Forum Programme Council.

An idea that's gaining momentum

At the upcoming event, city and government leaders plan to work together to outline a plan to thrive in this new reality.

- During Smart City Forum we can exchange experiences and, above all, support and show what has worked reasonably well in individual cities. This is an extremely valuable experience when we can simply learn from the success of other local governments, but also avoid the mistakes that someone else has made.

- says Jacek Jaskowiak, Mayor of Poznan.

Smart City Forum is also a meeting platform between business and local governments.

- Representatives of cities, start-ups, small, medium and large companies meet here, so all participants of what we call smart city. This is an idea that is just gaining momentum, it requires support, promotion, networking and translation. Smart City Forum is a great place for all these people to explain to each other how they understand the idea and think about what they can do together.

- believes Bartłomiej Pawlak, Vice President of the Polish Development Fund.

The fourteenth edition of Smart City Wroclaw will be held at the Bridge Wroclaw MGallery Hotel Collection on 14-15 June 2022. The meetings taking place during the congress will also be available to follow online.