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Wroclaw was awarded in the category 'Sustainable mobility of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants'.

The project to build the Krzycka Promenade, which has been under construction for several years in the south of the Lower Silesian capital, was entered in the competition. The city is carrying out this investment together with its Leader within the Wrocław Civic Budget - Agnieszka Dusza. More sections of the green pedestrian and bicycle bypass of Wroclaw appear every year.

We are all proud of this project, because thanks to it we show how beautifully it is possible to combine active urban mobility with greenery and history of the city - and base all this on cooperation with residents. I received the award on behalf of and for all those residents of Wroclaw who support this project within the WBO (Wrocław Civic Budget) and those who have the pleasure of enjoying its fruits - here a big bow to the Leader, Agnieszka Dusza.


Monika Kozłowska-Swięconek, director of the Office of Sustainable Mobility

'This project shows that working together makes sense'

As part of the competition, Wroclaw was recognized for its coherent approach to sustainable mobility planning and comprehensive actions in its various fields. At the award presentation, it was emphasized that Wrocław was one of the first Polish cities to develop a comprehensive next-generation Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, applying the latest European Commission guidelines for the functional area.

- I personally love this project - it's a project with a Soul.... shows that working together makes sense," Monika Kozłowska-Swięconek added.

The competition recognized the systematic expansion of the bicycle network, the construction of a park and ride system, the promotion of public transportation, the implementation of traffic calmed zones and the development of public transportation. It was noted how important for the change in residents' transportation preferences is the active participation of Wroclaw, since 2003, in the annual organization of the European Mobility Week.

Wroclaw Civic Budget. Influence of residents on the development of the city

Receiving the award, Monika Kozłowska-Święconek pointed out how important for sustainable mobility is the participation of Wroclaw residents in the investment process, realized through active participation and influence on the city within the Wrocław Civic Budget. The leader of the project to build the Krzycka Promenade is Agnieszka Dusza.

I am glad that the idea of building the Krzycka Promenade has been appreciated by a group of experts in sustainable mobility. The path is not yet fully finished, but it is already winning the hearts of Wroclaw residents. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the Green Cycle Ring Road. My goal is to connect Wroclaw neighborhoods with paths among trees and greenery. So that our children can safely get to school by bicycle, so that we can quickly get to work, and in our free time go for a walk, rollerblading or jogging. Who is in favor, let's vote for the Green Cycling and Pedestrian Network of Wroclaw - WBO projects 12 and 23. The Green Network connects neighborhoods and people.


Agnieszka Dusza, leader of the Green Network of Bicycle and Pedestrian of Wroclaw project

The Eco-City competition is organized by the French Embassy

Eco-Miasto is a nationwide project, popularizing the idea of sustainable development of urban areas. The competition has been organized by the French Embassy for 9 years, and nearly 100 cities have participated in previous editions.

Currently, the awards are given in 2 groups, area below and above 100,000 residents, and 5 categories: water management, waste and closed-loop economy, urban greenery and green-blue infrastructure, sustainable mobility, and energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.