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Wroclaw company byteLAKE and Intel work together on a new solution based on artificial intelligence (AI). Their technology helps automate management during paper production. For more technical details, visit the blog of byteLAKE: Artificial intelligence monitors paper production.

‘Our Wet Line Detector for Paper Mills from byteLAKE is available on the market and is successfully used in European paper-mills. Our solution helps avoid costly breaks during paper production.’

Marcin Rojek, co-founder of byteLAKE

byteLAKE's Cognitive Services

Marcin Rojek adds that their product is a part of byteLAKE's Cognitive Services – a solution package for Industry 4.0. ‘Solutions within the package offer AI software for visual product inspection, e.g., calculation, quality or process monitoring (smart cameras) and Big Data solutions from IoT sensors,’ he stresses.

Krzysztof Jonak, EMEA Territory Sales Director, Intel, remarks that artificial intelligence plays a very important role in our everyday life already now.

‘Nevertheless, many companies still perceive the use of artificial intelligence in their operations as an addition rather than foundation. The use of Intel OpenVINO in byteLAKE's Cognitive Services shows that AI acts efficiently as a real business optimisation tool. Moreover, such a combination reduces necessary modernisations of the company’s IT infrastructure only to the additional computer serving as a foundation for the whole system. It is a breakthrough in the perception of AI from the perspective of enterprises planning modernisation.’

Krzysztof Jonak, EMEA Territory Sales Director, Intel

byteLAKE and Intel utilise artificial intelligence

Representatives of byteLAKE add that they have used many Intel technologies successfully for a few years.

‘The combination of byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services with Intel processors allowed us to simplify the use of our solutions to a maximum extent in plants using elements of Industry 4.0.’

Marcin Rojek, co-founder of byteLAKE
  • Fortune Business Insights predicts that Europe will become a leader on the Industry 4.0 market, which may reach a turnover of 260 billion USD within the next five years.
  • byteLAKE's Cognitive Services are designed so as to be easily adaptable also outside paper-mills wherever a high-efficiency data analysis or visual inspection in automation processes is necessary.

Innovations from Wroclaw's byteLAKE

We wrote about other solutions of Wroclaw’s byteLAKE in June 2020. Are piles of papers in the secretary’s, reception or accounting office a thing of the past? Brainello uses artificial intelligence for processing documents, which proves highly useful, for example, in accounting.

Wroclaw's byteLAKE founded by friends

byteLAKE was founded by Marcin Rojek and Mariusz Kolanko in 2016. They have known each other since 1999, when they studied computer science at the Częstochowa University of Technology. Upon graduation, they started working in Wroclaw's Siemens and have been linked to Wroclaw since then. Later their professional paths separated, but they joined forces five years ago to create byteLAKE.