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Lower Silesia and Upper Austria are two economically strong regions interested in cooperation and support of trade. What we have in common is the rapid development of modern sectors of the economy and active cross-border contacts. These are the main conclusions from the visit of Marshal's Plenipotentiary for International Relations to the Austrian city of Linz.


During his visit to Austria, Krzysztof Bramorski. Marshal's Plenipotentiary for International Relations, attended a meeting with Upper Austria's Minister of Economy Michael Strugl, who emphasised Upper Austria's interest in establishing partner-like cooperation with Lower Silesia. As soon as this year, economic missions to both countries are planned, as well as a visit from Cezary Przybylski, the Marshal of Lower Silesian Voivodship, to Linz.

The visit to Linz was also an opportunity to talk to the Polish honorary consul Christian Hofer. The attendees planned further steps aiming to bring - as soon as this year - Lower Silesia and Upper Austria closer to each other. - I'm happy about the support that the undertakings we are planning have received from the Polish ambassador, Mr. Artur Lorkowski - said Krzysztof Bramorski, the Marshal's Plenipotentiary for International Relations, in the meeting.

Apart from preparations for Marshal Cezary Przybylski's visit to Austria, the meeting involved arrangements for Lower Silesian entrepreneurs' participation in the "Exports Day", an annual event held by Upper Austria's Chamber of Commerce, as well as Austrian entrepreneurs' economic missions to Lower Silesia.