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The 22nd ECMI Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics is the flagship conference of the ECMI consortium (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry) held every two years in different European countries. This year it will be held for the first time in Poland, at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Connecting science and industry

The conference primarily aims to strengthen the relationship between the academic world, where scientific breakthroughs in various fields are made, and the industry looking for new solutions and technologies, resulting in innovation and inspiration in both areas. The event is aimed at anyone interested in mathematics as a useful tool to address current challenges of a social and economic nature.

They will talk about the application of mathematics in the enterprise

During the conference, a so-called Industry Day is planned, during which representatives of the wider industry will talk about their experiences with the application of modern mathematical tools in their companies. This day will conclude with a meeting of experts from various fields, who will discuss challenges in today's world, where a mathematical modeling approach could be of great help.

Five days of meetings of industry experts

The ECMI conference will last five days - from June 26 to 30 this year. It will be held at the Congress Center of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. It will be attended by about 350 people from all over the world, including numerous industry experts as well as a large group of students and doctoral students.

Detailed information can be found on the event's website.