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During a conference held at the Wroclaw Technology Park on July 6th, scientists, business representatives and local government officials discussed what role research institutions play in the expansion of innovations into international markets. They discussed, among other things, how to encourage Polish entrepreneurs to enter foreign markets, and how business and science can use market changes to their advantage.

Wroclaw undoubtedly has three qualities. It is a city of meetings, science and business. That is why we are counting on the synergy and fusion that should be created between these three areas is what our city needs most. This conference is precisely about such synergy. Only when business meets science can we talk about very serious investors and great jobs for our residents. That's why we are keen to see the highly desirable industries related to new technologies and research and development centers develop in Wroclaw.

Bartłomiej Ciazynski, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

Joint benefits for science and business

During the conference, representatives of the Wroclaw Technology Park, the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, the Lower Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency presented their achievements. Innovative projects were also presented by startups from Lower Silesia.

The Wroclaw Technology Park is a platform to connect businesses, science and research institutions. That's why our talks cover issues related to innovation, technology, startups and globalization from the R&D field. We are convinced that this is the perfect place to address such topics and that new and far-reaching insights will be gained through this meeting.

Karolina Bartosik, director of WPT's Customer Service and Research Projects Division

Thanks to the R&D sector, the perception of Poland in the world has changed

The participants of the meeting also discussed the internationalization of the R&D sector, both from the perspective of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large corporations and listed companies.

- The task of our organization is, on the one hand, to support investors who want to invest in Poland, such as the recently announced - very important for Wroclaw, the region and the country - venture of Intel, which will invest $4.7 billion here. On the other hand, our task is to support companies in their foreign expansion," said Piotr Dytko, member of the board of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

- Today's conference is very important due to the fact that thanks to how rapidly the R&D sector is developing in Poland, the perception of Poland has changed, no longer as a cheap labor force, but as a country that has qualified engineers who are sought after around the world.

An important highlight of the conference was the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Global Biometrics Council and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The organizers of the event were the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Wroclaw Technology Park, while the conference partners were: Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, Lower Silesia Agency for Economic Cooperation, inQUBE, Global Biometrics Council, Polish Economic Society Wroclaw Branch and Center for Innovation and Business of Wroclaw University of Technology.