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The awards were presented at a gala, Tuesday evening, during the 2nd LOCAL-SOME'23 Local Government Internet and Social Media Congress underway at Tarczynski Arena.

The Association of Polish Cities, together with its partners, awards the "Golden Like" prize to cities and their mayors for achievements in social media.

- Both the quality of content and community engagement, which together create effective communication in social media and online, are evaluated. All awards are designed to highlight the importance and impact of social media on public life and local government, the contest organizers report, adding:

- The analysis covers a period of the last 12 months of activity on various social media platforms.

Wroclaw was awarded in two categories. It received the Golden Like Europe award for "high reach promotion of the city abroad through social media using innovative digital tools and engaging content."

- We are very proud of the awards given for the communication carried out in social media. We treat the award not only as an appreciation of our daily information and communication activities, but also as a huge challenge - to follow dynamically changing trends, or to create highly engaging and creative content," say Radoslaw Michalski and Marlena Mazur from the Department of City Promotion and Tourism of the City Hall in Wroclaw, and add:

- As we constantly emphasize - the great strength of our activities are the residents. They are not only the recipients, but also often the creators of the emerging content. They share with us the beautiful photographs they take of Wroclaw, record wonderful video footage, and show a phenomenal perspective of the tourist side of the Meeting City. Thank you for that!

The second award - the LOCAL-SOME Love Golden Like - was given to Wroclaw in the "Video Metropolis" category for "best practices in creating and publishing content on social media."

Janusz Krzeszowski, head of the video department at the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, received the award during the gala.

- Thank you very much for this award. We are happy that the work of the video team has been noticed. It's a great pleasure to create in beautiful Wroclaw," said Janusz Krzeszowski, who received the award on behalf of the city of Wroclaw and added:

- Creating video is strongly teamwork: everyone puts their skills and passion into it. The difficulty in modern times is that it is no longer enough to provide interesting content, but also to know how to use it well in social media to reach the largest possible audience.

We create content for YouTube channels Wroclaw Tv, as well as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, but it is shared on many profiles, where it reaches millions of views per month. We do daily news, but also reports, we love to record Wroclaw craftsmen and we also have podcasts and videocasts to our credit

Janusz Krzeszowski

CLICK HERE and go to the Wroclaw TV channel on YouTube

Here are the categories in which the Golden Like awards are presented:

Golden Like LOCAL-SOME Love.

This is an award for the most engaging communication, divided into "Video" and "Content," which recognizes cities and metropolises for best practices in creating and publishing content on social media.

  • Video City (the award went to Tarnowskie Gory).
  • Video Metropolis (the award went to the city of Wroclaw).
  • Content City (the award went to Kalisz).
  • Content Metropolis (the award went to Lodz).

Golden Like LOCAL-SOME Personality.

Individual award for local authorities, such as marshals, city presidents, mayors and councilors, who show exceptional activity and effectiveness of communication in social media.

  • Best profile of a mayor (Tomasz Szczerba of Wojkowice)
  • Best profile of a city president (Arkadiusz Chęcinski - Sosnowiec).
  • Best profile of a provincial city president (Rafal Trzaskowski - Warsaw).
  • Best profile of a city councilor (Jaroslaw Szostakowski - Warsaw).
  • Best profile of a marshal (Marek Woźniak - Wielkopolska).

Golden Like LOCAL-SOME Region

Award for marshal offices and counties, for the most engaging communication strategies for residents at the regional level, using social media for effective and innovative information exchange.

  • Golden Like - Province (West Pomerania was awarded).
  • Golden Like - District (Inowroclaw Province).
  • Golden Like - Region Culture (Mazovia).
  • Golden Like - Region Tourism (Silesia).

Golden Like Unicorn

Award for innovation and creativity in various areas of digital communication, including breaking social media algorithms, video content production, citizen engagement and unique social media activities.

  • Golden Like city algorithm (Gdynia was awarded).
  • Golden Lajk director (Ostrow Wielkopolski).
  • Golden Lajk residents (Zambrow).

Golden Like Europe

Award for high reach promotion of the city abroad through social media using innovative digital tools and engaging content.

  • Best city promotion in Europe 2023 (the award went to the city of Wroclaw).

LOCAL-SOME Local Government Golden Laurel.

  • Awarded to the city for innovation, interaction and overall digital communication with residents in 2023. The award went to Lodz.