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In 2016 Wroclaw was nominated the European Capital of Culture and in 2018 it received the title of the Best European Destination making the city more and more recognizable on the international scale. Such nominations and titles, together with city’s promotional campaigns and various other activities, make Wroclaw very attractive for tourists: over 5 million people visit the city each year. This, of course, results in positive economic contribution, improving the  citizens’ wealth in the whole region. Wroclaw is adjusting to the new situation and the increased attractiveness among tourists by implementing various solutions to make tourists’ and inhabitants’ life much easier. For example, one of the modern methods of Wroclaw sightseeing is by using electric cars or scooters.

Openness and friendliness of the citizens are yet additional advantages encouraging foreigners to check the offer of Wroclaw. According to one of the biggest newspapers in Poland – Gazeta Wyborcza – 98% of Wroclaw citizens believe that tourists are important factor in the overall growth of the city. There are several official websites where one can find information and suggestions what to do and see in the city, like e.g. https://visitwroclaw.eu/en. However, apart from tourists, there is quite a significant expat community living in Wroclaw. For them a different website was created by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency – www.live-in-wroclaw.com. On this site one can find information on legal and other aspects of everyday life in the city. It also serves as a great introduction into the city for someone who is planning to move to Wroclaw from a different country to stay here for a little longer.


Multicultural spirit of Wroclaw


The city’s official marketing slogan is: Wroclaw – the meeting place. The motto was created on the basis of the words used by John Paul II during the Eucharistic Congress in Wroclaw in 1997, and accepted by the City Council only a year after. Along with the slogan the whole strategy of the city focused even more on newcomers and on integration of various nationalities and cultures already present in the city. All projects, initiatives and ideas were finally gathered and in cooperation with numerous partners in 2018 the city presented the “Strategy for the intercultural dialogue in Wroclaw” 2018-2022 program.

It is crucial to mention about the language skills of the inhabitants and students of Wroclaw. Almost 100% of students and 50% of locals can speak English, which creates great environment not only for tourists, but also for international investors and big corporations. In the modern business sector in Wroclaw the services are provided in over 30 languages. There are over 80 000 foreigners from 120 countries living in Wroclaw. No wonder the city is considered the best Polish cities to live and work for expats. Thanks to a large number of high-skilled and talented people, modern infrastructure and strategy focused on continuous development, Wroclaw became one of the leaders when it comes to attraction of Foreign Direct Investments and economic promotion of the whole region.

Low cost of living, city’s unique atmosphere and cultural background are also elements, which foreigners really appreciate. Furthermore, convenient flight connections make Wroclaw very accessible for tourists who are visiting the city.