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Wroclaw is not only a perfect place to grow your business, it is also a city where every venture will find its place – either in a coworking space, a beautiful office, a production plant or a warehouse – depending on the preferences and the type of conducted activity.

The city is one of the key logistic hubs in Poland and a perfect place for industrial investments. Nearly 50,000 people work in the manufacturing sector in total, and some of the companies who have decided to set up their businesses here are e.g.: 3M, BASF, BSH, LG, Nestle Purina and ZF.

This is due to the fact that the excellent geographical location (close to Czechia and Germany), as well as great accessibility (A4 and A8 motorways and S3 expressway) was complemented by the appropriate warehouse infrastructure. According to CBRE, the total area of halls and warehouses for industrial purposes exceeded 2 million square meters in 2019.

Office and housing markets are expanding rapidly

Wroclaw is also one of the most developed office markets in Poland. In the last quarter of 2020, there was 1,230,000 square meters of the office space in the city. Wroclaw is the second biggest regional market in Poland. Modern office buildings are constructed in the heart of the city, in the subcentral area as well as in the western and southern part of Wroclaw. They can become headquarters for all kinds of businesses even the fledgling ones. However, the representatives of smaller companies and startups have yet additional options to consider – a wide selection of the coworking spaces (24) and serviced offices spreaded all over the city.

The office investments – architecturally impressive and environmentally friendly – change the areas of the city in which they are constructed. The carefully chosen locations of the buildings support the employees of the companies which operate in those buildings in combining several spheres of everyday life: people can do shopping right after work, relax, or pick-up kids from a nearby school or kindergarden.

It is of vital importance for the employees to be able to get to work by public transport (trams and buses) and – increasingly often – by train. Young employees are also very happy to be able to  commute to work by bikes and electric scooters.

It is worth noting at this point that Wroclaw is also a rapidly developing housing market – third largest in Poland after Warsaw and Krakow. The inflow of students who after graduation decide to stay in the city and managers and specialist who relocate to Wroclaw in search of interesting professional challenges, clearly further enhances the development of the sector.