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With almost 640,000 inhabitants the city of Wroclaw is the largest economic centre in the south-western Poland. In the future this number will certainly be higher because of the increasing number of newcomers from abroad as well as from other regions in Poland. What is interesting is that about 75% of employees who are working in business services sector in the capital of Lower Silesia were not born here. This number shows that Wrocław is perceived as a great place for moving in especially when looking for a job. This is also confirmed by Antal recruitment agency according to which Wroclaw together with Warsaw, Tri-City and Kraków has been the first choice destination relocation for years now. In the last edition of the Antal’s “Job-seeking acitivity among professionals and managers in the labour market” report the respondents ranked Wroclaw (42%) second best location after Warsaw (56%) and before Tri-City (40%).

Apart from being famous for relocation to work and to study, Wroclaw became also very trendy among foreign direct investments (fdi) which were interested in establishing activities in the agglomeration. In a different report by Antal – Business Environment Assessment Study (BEAS) – Wroclaw was most attractive among entrepreneurs in the category of business potential. According to ABSL report 2019 the Business Services Sector consists of about 47,500 employees in Wrocław, which means that the city has almost 16% share in the structure of employment in this industry in whole Poland.

What lures foreign companies to our region are most of all local talents and favourable labour pool potential in general. With more than 112,000 students as of 2019 of which about 14,100 are IT and IT-related and over 32,600 are engineers  Wroclaw is already a recognized IT and R&D and Startup hub.  There are quite many advanced hi-tech international brands already successfully operating in the region. Other entrepreneurs decide to invest and create such divisions within their Wroclaw structures and still new projects choose Wroclaw for their state-of-the-art activities and technologies.

Vibrant international community is another crucial asset for people searching for a city offering new opportunities for its inhabitants. One out of ten citizens of Wrocław is from the Ukraine and one out of six is a foreigner. Almost 100% of students and the majority of the city-dwellers speak English. Large expat community and vast number of international students enhance the multicultural character of the city and as one moves around the crowded places one can frequently hear German, Russian, Spanish, French or other language conversations.

Labour market in Wrocław is built on strong competences and knowledge. The city attracts not only Polish managers and professionals, but also big international companies. Strong presence of global corporations has effectively changed labour market and professionalized business environment. The unique business-friendly attitude and the overall potential make the city very attractive for new offshore projects.