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Wroclaw is the fourth largest academic centre in Poland, attracting young people from all over the country, Europe and even further destinations. Each year 28 public and private universities educate nearly 112,000 talents, who are very much appreciated by the local business. Students start their cooperation with companies during 2nd and sometimes even 1st year of studies, whereas part time employment during the 3rd or later years is almost a rule.

Wroclaw University, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, and Wroclaw University of Economics and Business hold the title of the biggest in town. Their offers spread across various fields: IT, law, foreign languages, economics, engineering, and much more for young people to choose from and join the vibrant student community. Foreign students find the offer of the Wroclaw academic hub also very attractive, as most demanded majors are taught in English. What is important is that local universities are also known for their cooperation with business. There are quite a number of companies present on each university campus in Wroclaw. The scope of cooperation varies – starting from training and internship possibilities, through workshops and lectures conducted by business representatives or even separate courses of studies based on the company’s specific profile, ending on dedicated research projects run by the scholars or with their support. According to research prepared by Millward Brown in 2017,  the development of Wroclaw has been most rapid compared to other big Polish cities. Students and universities sure are crucial cells for this urban organism.

Successful student clubs from Wroclaw

Students’ interests reach way beyond what is happening at lectures. While acquiring deep theoretical knowledge at the university, they simultaneously take first steps into the entrepreneurial world and start building their own personal brands – either by setting up their own companies or by joining dynamic startups or global corporations. One shall not forget about the activities of outstanding students’ scientific clubs which can be equally attractive for innovation-seeking investors as for well-developed startups.

As an example: one of the students’ clubs at Wroclaw Medical University – KoKoN – participates in an interdisciplinary project researching the physiology of human cells in the space environment. Support from the European Space Agency and scholarships promise huge success in the future. Different project – Scorpio – coordinated by the students’ science club based at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology consists of designing, construction, and development of innovative Mars rovers. The vehicles are widely recognized and receive top spots during international competitions. Finally, the PWr Solar Boat Team from the same university is close to finishing its craft fueled by energy generated by the photovoltaic panels.

Studies in Wroclaw with British diploma

Wroclaw academic community has just been enlarged by yet one more educational entity – the Coventry University Branch. This is a pioneering project in Poland – no other foreign university has done that before. The new campus – Coventry University Wroclaw – offers UK degree courses taught in English, providing a British university experience, in the modern and growing city of Wroclaw.