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Innovative solutions are created here by globally respected brands (e.g. 3M, Nokia, Mondelez, Dolby), Polish champions (e.g. Kruk, KGHM, Selena) and a group of fast developing startups. Cutting edge products and services are the result of an international transfer of know-how, as well as activities of local companies, universities and research institutions. 

Wroclaw is proud to be home to large numbers of R&D and IT centres. According to ABSL report 2019, the city is the runner up with the number of 116 such centres and total employment of 25,000 people. In the five largest Business Services Sector destinations, Wroclaw has the highest proportion of R&D employment in the total employment structure (20%).    

Thriving technology and research sectors

Development of new technological companies is possible due to complex and varied infrastructure. In Wroclaw there is one of the most advanced technology parks in the country (Wroclaw Technology Park) and two institutes from Łukasiewicz Research Network (third largest research network in Europe): PORT Polish Center for Technology Development and  Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science. Moreover, Wroclaw provides access to more than 30 incubators and co-working spaces.

The city is the second startup hub in Poland with more than 200 young technological companies. Nowadays the major focus is on IT sector, mainly e-commerce, medtech, analytics, big data, artificial intelligence as well as solutions dedicated to industry 4.0.

Wroclaw based startups are rewarded in Poland and abroad.

The Best Polish Startup (Presidential Economic Award 2017)

Social Impact Award (Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2018)

2nd place globally (Chivas Venture 2019)

The city has good prospects for the future. According to the international organization "Mind the Bridge", the ratio of Wroclaw's future growth in terms of startups is not only the highest in Poland, but also the second in Europe (behind Berlin) [Source: StartupCity Hubs in Europe 2018]

Help for startups

The Startup Wroclaw team – on behalf of Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej ARAW) – provides comprehensive support for startups and the whole ecosystem.