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Wroclaw is one of the largest and most developed cities in Poland. In the past few years, it has experienced tremendous progress in both economic and socio-cultural areas. In 2017 the Milken Institute appreciated the region placing it on the sixth position in the Best Performing Cities in Europe ranking. What is also important, Wroclaw belongs to the top cities when it comes to creating new jobs and increasing the quality of living of the citizens.
The whole Lower Silesia region, which Wroclaw is the capital of, is also known as the most urbanized region in Poland. Factors that have significantly impacted the development of the Wroclaw metropolis are, among others, great location – especially the proximity to Germany and the Czech Republic leading further to the West and South of Europe – and well-developed infrastructure increasing the connectivity aspect. These and some more advantages of the region have attracted tothe city international famous brands of all the sectors.

International recognition of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is appreciated not only by tourists who are visiting Lower Silesia every year but also by its own citizens. The city won the first place in the Premium Brand ranking in 2019, receiving the title of the most trustworthy, friendly and open city in Poland. Wroclaw is also recognised on the international stage – in 2018 the city was honoured by the Emerging Europe with the title of the best City FDI Strategy of the year.

The human capital of Wroclaw is not only recognied for the quantity of talents, rising steadily through the past years, but especially for its quality. The graduates of the local universities are considered by foreign investors to be well-educated, ambitious and hard-working. They are also appreciated by employers for their outstanding knowledge of foreign languages.

Prosperous economy and sustainable development

The economy of Wroclaw is based on knowledge enterprises, which are focusing on providing professional, scientific and technical services. Significant intensification of activities can also be observed in industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, pharmacy, modern business services, IT&ICT. The diversification of the market in Wroclaw is really unique and creates vast possibilities and opportunities for inhabitants. 

Sustainable development is focused on high quality of life of current and future citizens, but also on creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship. One of the most important aspects in the city’s strategy is to improve mobility and quality of environment, but also to increase the amount of foreign investors and to support new creative businesses entering our local market.

Diversified labour market