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  • Saule Technologies makes the world's first perovskite PESL electronic price and advertising labels.
  • They are equipped with a display, a wireless communication module and a perovskite photovoltaic cell as a power source.
  • With their own, practically inexhaustible power source, they are cheaper and more convenient in use than traditional labels.
  • PESL labels, apart from the price, can display additional text and graphics, so the display can serve as a platform for additional messages: advertisements, announcements of special promotions, loyalty actions, etc.
  • Saule Technologies company, which in May 2021 launched in Wroclaw the world's only plant of perovskite cells, is now introducing the world's first electronic price and advertising labels PESL (Perovskite Electronic Shelf Label), powered by perovskite photovoltaic cells.

PESL labels are already the second product of Saule Technologies from Wroclaw using perovskite cells. After large-size cells, designed for facades of buildings, the time has come for another pioneering solution. This time it is a product from the IoT (Internet of Things) category - an intelligent system of handling electronic labels, powered not by a battery - as in the case of traditional labels - but by perovskite cells, which is of decisive importance.

Saule Technologies PESL labels

Representatives of Saule Technologies in Wrocław emphasize that PESL labels using perovskite photovoltaic cells are a breakthrough solution also due to the unique possibilities of communicating with customers of points of sale. They dramatically reduce handling time for product labeling - and, most importantly, provide real-time price verification. This allows staff to remotely change the message displayed on the label up to a dozen times a day, making it possible, among other things, to sell expired products more effectively.

With PESL labels, retail chains will be able to instantly reduce the prices of food products with expiration dates. This will prevent huge amounts of food from going to waste, which is unaffordable in a world where many people still go hungry. On an annual basis, the new trading tools that PESL labels will provide will save millions of tons of food - Olga Malinkiewicz, CTO Saule Technologies

The new technology will enable a variety of marketing and advertising tools not previously available. For example, stores will be able to organize short-term, e.g. hourly, unannounced price promotions for selected products. Olga Malinkiewicz is the winner of "30 Creative Wroclaw 2015".

PESL labels new opportunities in trade: advertising and marketing

Saule Technologies offers not only PESL labels, but also complete, integrated IT and hardware systems, using PESL label-enabled data relays and cloud computing and analytics capabilities. Operation is simple, price changes can be performed centrally and synchronously across all retail locations in a chain.

The capabilities of this solution are staggering. With one click, you will be able to change prices in thousands of stores, on millions of shelves. There is no other comparable offer on the electronic price labelling market today. This leads us to believe that Saule Technologies will play a key role in the growth of the electronic price labelling market in the coming years - Artur Kupczunas, CEO Saule Technologies.

Saule Technologies' first product in the IoT category

PESL labels are equipped with an e-ink display (bicolor or tricolor), a wireless communication module and a perovskite photovoltaic cell as a power source. Apart from the price, they can show additional text and graphics, so the display can serve as a platform for additional messages: advertisements, announcements of special promotions, loyalty actions, etc.

- Bold vision, unique competence and consistency in the development of Saule's offer bring further excellent results. The new product is a breakthrough in the industry, putting Saule Technologies among the world leaders - adds Dawid Zieliński, CEO of Columbus Energy, member of the Saule SA Supervisory Board.

Saule Technologies partners

The first tests of the PESL technology will be carried out in cooperation with Google Cloud Platform. Company has also gained support of the Polish food corporation Maspex Group and one of its brands - Lubella.

PKN ORLEN and Saule Technologies have signed a letter of intent on cooperation. As a result, PESL labels will soon appear in a store at a selected ORLEN fuel station, next to products placed on racks. This will enable central and remote management of the messages displayed on them.

- As part of the ORLEN Skylight Accelerator Programme we can implement innovative solutions together with startups from all over the world. Thanks to cooperation with technology companies, such as Saule Technologies, we can achieve our strategic goals even more effectively and build sustainable competitive advantages based on modern and low-emission technologies - says Patrycja Panasiuk, Deputy Executive Director for Strategy, Innovation and Investor Relations at PKN ORLEN.

Saule S.A. innovative photovoltaic solution

Saule Technologies is a company, created in 2014 by physicist Olga Malinkiewicz and businessmen Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczunas.

The company currently employs a team of dozens of scientists, engineers and administrative staff from nearly 20 countries, who have constructed the world's first production line of printed perovskite cells in the Wrocław Technology Park.

It allows us to generate energy both from the sun and artificial light, therefore it is used literally everywhere - from price tags, building facades and carports, i.e. shelters for charging electric cars, to satellites in space.