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The European Commission has published its winter forecasts. According to projections, this year the economic growth in the EU will account for 1.9 per cent of GDP.

- The biggest EU economies developing at the rate higher than EU average are: Poland, where the growth accounts for 3.5 per cent, Spain with 2.8 per cent growth, as well as the UK and the Netherlands where the growth dynamics was recorded at the level of 2.1 per cent. - said at a press conference in Brussels Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs.

According to the European Commission, Polish gross domestic product will rise this year by 3.5 per cent and is expected to increase at the same pace in 2017. The current EC projections are the same as those of autumn.

In November, EC also predicted that our economy would develop at the rate of 3.5 per cent. At the time, however, Brussels analysts indicated the uncertainty related to initiatives that were to appear after the parliamentary election.

It was emphasised in Thursday's report that Polish economic growth is expected to remain stable and strong. It is expected to be driven by domestic demand. - The report reads that private consumption, supported by further improvement on the labour market, as well as government transfers - particularly the new family benefit, will remain the prevailing growth factors.


Source: www.polskieradio.pl