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To start a new company or expand business in another country an investor needs to know the rules that apply to its establishment. Setting up a business in Poland is a straightforward process and procedures are based on a transparent system that seeks to facilitate incorporation of new enterprises. Check out and compare the most popular forms of business activity of foreign investors.

Limited liability company

  • For the purpose of conducting business as well as for any legally permissible purpose
  • Notarial deed or electronic form
  • Minimum capital: 5,000 PLN

Joint stock company

  • For the purpose of conducting business on a large scale
  • Notarial deed 
  • Minimum capital: 100,000 PLN

Limited partnership

  • For conducting business under its own name
  • Notarial deed or electronic form
  • Minimum capital: Not required

Limited stock partnership

  • For the purpose of conducting business on a smaller scale (i.e. large family business)
  • Notarial deed 
  • Minimum capital: 50,000 PLN

Branch of a foreign entity

  • For conducting business only in the scope of business activity of the foreign company
  • Statement of the foreign company on establishing a branch and its place of operation
  • Minimum capital: Not required


The limited liability company is the most attractive and the most common legal form for foreign investors conducting business in Poland. The biggest advantages of the LLC in comparison with other legal forms in Poland are:

  • Relatively low costs of incorporation of the company and low operational costs limited liability and low minimum share capital 
  • The company may start business activities immediately after signing the articles of association 
  • Fast registration process at the court 
  • Clear and simple rules in relation to the daily management of the company
  • Shareholders are not personally liable for corporate liabilities but are compelled to pay the share capital.

Incorporation of Limited Liability Company

Shareholder(s) must start the procedure of the establishment of a limited liability company by drawing up the articles of association in the form of a notarial deed. The document must be signed by all shareholders. The Management Board is obliged to notify the National Court Register no later than 6 months after signing the articles of association.

Limited liability company can also be set up electronically, using the platform provided by the Ministry of Justice at https://ems.ms.gov.pl/. The company registration should be completed within 24 hours from the delivery of required documents to the Register of Entrepreneurs.