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Five steps to find your location

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Analysis and location selection

Main location factors to consider for the investment process: labour force, logistics, proximity of suppliers, land availability, investment climate.

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Investment planning

  • Proceedings related to the planning and construction process,
  • Obtaining environmental decisions and building permit.
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Real estate acquisition

Real estate can be acquired for investment purposes in the following forms:

  • Ownership or perpetual usufruct,
  • other rights, such as servitudes, lease, or usage.
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Execution of the investment

Execution of the investment may be launched after obtaining a building permit or reporting the construction to the relevant authority.

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Completion of the investment

Obtaining an occupancy permit with all relevant permits which, according to the Polish law, is necessary to use the building.


What should I take into account selecting Wroclaw as my preferable location?

The Lower Silesian Voivodeship is one of the best developing regions in the country. Wroclaw, as the capital of the region, offers not only its advantageous location, but also extensive international logistics, proximity to research centres and prestigious universities, prosperous support units, and grants. An extensive network of local connections between entrepreneurs allows minimizing transport costs and obtaining profitable contracts with an entrepreneur located „next door". 

What are the main location factors essential to consider during the investment process?

  • Greenfield vs. brownfield (in case of industrial/logistics projects);
  • Technical specification and merits of a building (in case of brownfield and service projects);
  • The investment within or outside the Polish Investment Zone;
  • The distance, quality, and time of logistics to the main customers and other key hubs;
  • Labour costs, availability, and the quality of desired blue-collar and white-collar workers;
  • Infrastructure and development costs (all media, roads, access, and extension possibilities);
  • The availability of required components, suppliers, or services;
  • The appropriate local authority contact.

Crucial aspects of investment process?

  • Zoning

    The most important act of law (including local laws) during the processes of planning and designing the investment is a local spatial management plan, which determines the purpose of a given area and affects the designing process of the investment. 

    Not all real estates in Poland are subject to local spatial management plans. In such a case, to execute the investment, the investor has to apply for planning permission to the urban or municipal authority.

  • Environmental Decisions

    Ahead of applying for a building permit an investor is obliged to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the planned investment. The aim of the process is to define related environmental risks at the early stage of investment planning, construction and operations and minimize any negative impact. The process of EIA ends with obtaining an environmental impact decision (EID). 

  • Building Permit

    A building permit is required in the case of construction, reconstruction, demolition, or changing a way in which a building object is to be used. It is granted when a submitted construction project is compatible with a local spatial management plan, the building code, and other applicable regulations. A building permit is valid for 3 years from the day it has been issued and validated.

  • Real estate acquisition

    Real estate can be acquired in the following forms:

    • Ownership is a basic right with respect to real estate and enables an owner to fully use the property. It is legally protected against any third parties’ actions detrimental to the interests of the owner. The ownership is not limited in time.
    • Perpetual usufruct is established for both state and municipality-owned land. The perpetual usufructuary has the right to use the land in the same range as the owner, and the purpose of use of the land is defined in an agreement for the purchase of the right of perpetual usufruct.
    • Acquisition of real estate by foreigners
      The foreigners with a seat registered outside the European Economic Area EEA intending to purchase real estate in Poland must obtain a permit from the Minister of Interior and Administration. When foreign companies and nationals are registered inside the EEA (or establish a sister company registered in the EEA) they are exempted from obtaining an acquisition permit.

Ownership vs Perpetual usufruct